Moving Day! (Part 1)

So.  We officially took over the lease on our new apartment on Saturday.  Only, the previous tenants still had all their stuff there.  It was a bit awkward there for a while, with JP moving out Saturday afternoon and his roommate, D, moving out Saturday evening and well into Sunday.

The whole process was last-minute and a bit unorthodox (as our new landlord repeatedly reminded us).  JP and D had both found new apartments and were ready to move (even though, from what I could tell, neither of them had packed a single thing), and we didn’t want to spend any more money staying in hotels.

The landlord was very accommodating.  When we reminded him that we had cats (something JP had apparently asked about before listing the apartment online), he amended the lease to reflect that, even though he had previously documented that pets were not allowed.  And when he came up to the apartment (so I could show him the peeling paint in the bathroom), he not only directed the “janitor” to paint, but also to replace the toilet and vanity, refinish the baseboards, and fill cracks and repaint the walls in the living room.

Finally, by Sunday night, the apartment was officially ours, after both roommates had given us their (multiple) sets of keys.  It was empty, just our suitcases, an air mattress, and a leather glider/recliner that we bought from D for $30.  But it was still better than the hotels and motels we’d called home for the previous week and a half.

The problem was, because everything was so last-minute and didn’t follow the conventional rules, the apartment was not cleaned.  And since winter is still in full force here, our once-shiny hardwood floors were now muddied with a combination of snow, salt, and black gravel.  And D, who had apparently taken up most of the space in the fridge with her stuff, didn’t clean the kitchen or bathroom at all, even though she was the last to leave it.

So we were exhausted from the process of apartment hunting, dealing with multiple other bureaucratic issues (including ones related to Hubby’s job), and walking a lot from place to place to do so–in the sub-zero temperatures–and we were now faced with cleaning our brand-new apartment.

By the time Monday rolled around, we hadn’t cleaned much, but we had gotten a few things, especially for the bathroom, so we could at least shower.  I called V, the “janitor,” to see when he wanted to come to do the repairs we had planned–ideally before the movers were scheduled to come–and he also offered to help us clean, which was greatly appreciated!

He was supposed to show up by 9:30 on Tuesday, which turned into nearly 11 by the time he actually arrived.  Meanwhile, we had woken up to no internet connection (after JP had so generously offered to keep it connected for us until we could have our own services installed on Thursday), and Hubby was supposed to schedule a meeting with the professor to sign the paperwork that would allow him to get paid.  So he left before V arrived, and I waited…and waited…and waited.  When he finally came, I reminded him that I would have to leave because of the paint fumes.  When we checked in later, he told us that no only did he not get the vanity (because it was out of stock) but he wouldn’t be able to paint until late in the day because the plaster on the walls had to dry first.

Which left us no choice but to book yet another night in a hotel.

You guys, this move has been super expensive so far.  And it’s not done yet.  The movers are coming tomorrow, and since they’re going to have to haul our stuff up two flights of stairs, we’ll probably be charged extra.  There’s also the possibility that they won’t be able to park on our street with their giant-ass truck, which would mean moving everything into a smaller truck–and another extra charge.

I am stressing out!

Then, tonight, Hubby heard back from our once-easy-going landlord about installing cable and internet, and he’s suddenly intolerant of anything involving holes in the walls.  Even though there are already plenty of existing holes and cables, and I don’t think the installer would have to add any more.

I hate that we have to juggle so many things all at once.  I just want to be settled already.  But right now it feels like that’s weeks down the road.  Weeks we don’t have because we have a baby on the way.


I’m trying to take deep breaths and deal with one thing at a time, but it seems impossible.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Now I’m going to bed, where I will probably not get much sleep at all.  Then it’s an early day tomorrow to meet the moving truck at customs.

I wish I could just wake up next week when all of this is done.

6 thoughts on “Moving Day! (Part 1)

  1. Just catching up on your adventure. Wow, so much is happening and you have moved and found a place, that’s great news! Sorry it’s been so stressful, it sounds like a lot to sort out and I hope everything is falling into place from now on. And you are getting closer to your due date! How exciting!!

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