Moving Day! (Part 2)

I woke up Wednesday morning–moving day–with a sore throat.  I’d been feeling it coming on all day Tuesday, and kept telling Hubby I was getting his cold, the existence of which he vehemently denies (still).  Other than that, I had actually slept better than I thought I would.  Hubby, apparently, did not.

Since we had stayed in a hotel, we took advantage of the breakfast they offered, which was continental plus (scrambled eggs and sausage links–Yum!).  So I got some good protein to start my day.

And did I ever need it.

We left the hotel at about 8:15 so that we could meet the moving truck at customs between 8:30 and 9:00, as we’d agreed the day before.  At 8:45, we got a call from the movers saying that customs had told them not to come because the truck was too big, and we’d have to meet the driver at another location, have him ride with us back to customs, and then bring him back to the truck before getting all our stuff to our apartment.

As much of an ordeal as that was, getting through customs was pretty straight-forward.  We didn’t have to pay any duty, and the whole process took maybe 15 minutes.  Easy-peasy.

By the time the moving truck finally arrived on our street, there was a large enough space available right in front of the building that we didn’t have to worry about being charged extra for them to shuttle our things between the truck and our door.  We did feel a little bad that the movers had to take everything up two flights of stairs, but they didn’t mention anything about an extra charge for that, either.  We’ll see if we get a bill later.

We got a later start than we’d hoped for, but everything was snugly in our new home and the movers were heading out by 2:30.  Which was about the time Hubby and I finally got to eat lunch.

I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the stuff, but hopefully, as we unpack, we’ll find a place for everything.  The washer and dryer are currently in the basement, awaiting a craigslist add and a new home.

We spent some time cleaning (our newly cleaned floors were once again covered in salty, snowy footprints) and setting up the TV for the cable/internet installation the following day.  Hubby was able to call the landlord and straighten everything out, explaining we wouldn’t let them make any new, big holes or cause any damage to the building.

So the day was not nearly as stressful as we’d been anticipating, which was a relief.  We have a lot of unpacking, sorting, and organizing to do.  I’m both dreading and looking forward to this.  I’ve already gotten out the graph paper and started measuring rooms and furniture to figure out exactly where things should go.

Cable and internet were installed today, which means I can both write and hit publish on this post from the comfort (or as comfortable as I can be surrounded by boxes and still without a couch) of my living room.

We’re starting to feel more at home in our new surroundings.  Hubby and I like our neighborhood a little more each day, as we both discover places and features that appeal to us.  There’s even a magazine store down the street that sells a weekly paper from Hubby’s home country.  We have two metro stations within walking distance, which allow us to get downtown, where Hubby now works (although he hasn’t gotten the key to his office yet).  We’ve been walking quite a bit, even in the cold, and look forward to some warmer weather when we can explore even more.

The next step is getting the kitchen functional.  And getting to my first prenatal appointment here.  And unpacking a bazillion boxes.

Okay, there are a lot of next steps.  But I feel more confident today that we’ll tackle them.  One by one.


8 thoughts on “Moving Day! (Part 2)

  1. Good Luck with everything. I wish I was close to give you hand!!! Hugs and strength for quick organizing of your place.

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