This is the magic word when it comes to finding an OB with a smidge over three weeks until my due date.

My appointment at the walk-in clinic was at 11:00 this morning.  Which meant that it was just after 12 before the nurse called me back.  Hubby went with me, and I explained the situation.  She seemed confident that everything would be fine.  I’d get a referral that day and deliver at St. Mary’s, the hospital with the best reputation for labor and delivery, which also happens to be 5 minutes from our apartment.

The doctor told a slightly different story.  Yes, she could write us a referral for an OB consultation–she’d even label it “urgent”–but it would still be up to me to find a doctor.  She would give me a list of hospitals nearby, including St. Mary’s, but I’d be on my own from there.

She did measure my belly and listen to the baby’s heartbeat, which she called “perfect” three times.  But that was it.  We were sent on our way with a “good luck” and a smile.

So I dropped Hubby at the metro station so he could go to work and came straight home to make some phone calls.  The first few places brushed me off with a curt, “We’re not accepting new patients.”  It wasn’t until I started dropping the U-word that people made the slightest effort to help.

Two hours, 11 phone calls, and one crying fit later, I have an appointment for Wednesday afternoon.  With an OB that delivers at St. Mary’s.

I finally feel like I can breathe.

19 thoughts on “Urgent.

  1. Wow. Just wow. Such a bummer that you had to go through that, but very glad that Thumper is kicking ass and that you have an appointment with an OB at St. Mary’s. But wow. Go relax. You just won a battle.

  2. Oh thank goodness! I’m so sorry that this turned out to be such an ordeal for you but glad that it worked out. What a horrible pain in the ass. Thumper is handling it like a champ though!

  3. I can’t even imagine the stress you are under trying to sort all this out at this stage in the game! I’m so glad you finally made some headway and can take a breath.
    In response to your last post also, the only super useful thing I got from prenatal classes is the correct breathing technique through contractions. In through your nose, out through your mouth. There’s some timing involved, but all I found helpful was in that part. An also, I was told to expect “Twinkie-itis” afterward, and that my vagina would hit the chair before the rest of my body. 😛 Just google the stages of labor, so you know when to call/go in. My advice on what to focus on unpacking: somewhere for baby to sleep, diaper area with diapers & wipes, feeding supplies, and some clothes for the baby. Also, stroller/car seat set up – you’re going to get cabin fever sooner than you’d think! That’s all that’s really vital in the first few weeks. Hope the appointment goes smoothly for you!

  4. Thank God! I was feeling stressed for you (even though i knew it would all work out!). I hope your new doc is amazing and that your final few weeks with her inside you are beautiful and serene as they can be.

  5. Oh my how stressful! Glad you finally found an OB, I truly hope its a good fit as well. Can’t believe it’s only a few weeks to go for you now. Hope you can feel a bit more relaxed after the appointment and enjoy the time before your new arrival is here.

  6. Oh…my…goodness! Those must have been a brutal few hours on the phone! Kudos for pushing back and getting your needs met!!! Ahhhh – can you relax a bit now? How long until your due date! Eeeek getting so excited for you!

  7. Very glad you got an appointment with an OB!
    I never really got much in the way of prenatal classes. Sure, there was a breastfeeding (very very basics) and a couple of other things, but I never went through breathing or other stuff. I did look stuff up online, kind of. Basically, the baby will come out no matter what, one way or another. 😀

    • I’ve been reading a book and looking up some stuff online. Hubby’s most concerned about infant CPR at this point, so we’ll see if we can squeeze that one in.

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