Late Bloomers, Part 3: Avoiding induction edition

I’ve written twice before about the tradition of taking one’s sweet time in our little family of (still) two.  It seems the soon-to-be-third member of our family is taking the tradition to heart as well.

I’m currently sitting at four days past my due date, with still no signs of Thumper’s arrival on the horizon.  The thing is, I would be fine with that, if I didn’t have another appointment with my OB looming on Tuesday, one where I’m afraid I’ll be guilted into being induced.  Even though I know better.

I know that there’s no emergency here.  That she’s passed both NST’s so far with flying colors.  That, other than in the mind of Dr. K, this pregnancy is not high-risk.  I don’t have gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.  As far as anyone can tell, there’s no harm in letting Thumper stay a few more days in the cozy–albeit shrinking–space of my uterus.  I know, too, that induction comes with its own risks.  Higher rates of C-section; more intense and painful contractions, which pose a risk of decreasing baby’s heart rate; and increased use of epidural, which, in some cases, can actually prolong labor.

Still, the nurse who hooked me up to the monitor for our latest NST, and even my own husband (the traitor!) are convinced I’ll likely have to be induced at some point.

So, this weekend, Hubby and I decided to take matters into our own hands.  Sex on Friday, while it did lead–I’m sure–to a flood of oxytocin, did not result in a single contraction.  Same goes for nipple stimulation yesterday.  But I’ll keep trying.  Because, while letting Thumper come in her own time is the best option, milking myself is the much-preferred alternative to the Pitocin I fear is going to be forced on me any day now.


10 thoughts on “Late Bloomers, Part 3: Avoiding induction edition

  1. Do you have access to a pool? A brisk half mile swim brought on my labor. In general, I suggest some moderately strenuous exercise (if not pool, try a brisk several mile walk.)

    Don’t let them bully you. Be strong. But whatever happens, you’ll get through it.

  2. I’m very naive about all of this, so I’m asking: how long past the due date is considered safe? I know you’ll be 40w6d on Tuesday and I remember there being talk of induction if the baby doesn’t arrive by 42 weeks. Is this the case?

    I second the exercise, but remember too that if all is looking well, you do have the option of saying no to induction. That said, hopin Thumper decides to come and make this argument moot.

  3. I am just a few days from my due date and have the same reservations. Docs just seem to love induction! But of course, like you, i’d really really prefer to avoid it. I’ll be 40 weeks tomorrow at which point breast pump usage begins and i’m going to bounce on the birth ball now. Oh and binge out on dates later too. I actually met someone at a party yesterday who did the dates – this ftm had a 10-hour labor with no intervention. Made it to 7 centimeters without an epi. So dates here i come! Can’t wait to hear how things progress for you. 🙂

  4. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again: 41.5 weeks. That’s the magic number where it starts to get touchy, and you should maybe start to consider it. Until then, stand your ground. I believe in you! 🙂
    Though speaking from experience: No amount of stairs, sex, spicy food, or acupuncture will bring on a baby if the baby isn’t good and ready or getting pushed along by medical intervention.
    It may encourage you to hear this though: From what I know, Canada is very much on-par with Europe in terms of letting things go with as little medical intervention as possible. I was induced and nobody panicked , everybody was patient, and it took a good long while before things like pitocin and an epidural were introduced as options. So if it comes to it – you’re in much better hands than you probably would have been in the States. Especially from what you’ve described about the hospital. So even if it comes to induction, you’ll most likely come out of it just fine, and with a positive experience. Most women do.
    Hang in there!

  5. I was set to induce at 41 weeks and I was really hoping to avoid it so I did the long walks, spicy food, sex, birth ball bouncing – who knows if any of that worked or she was just finally ready, but my daughter arrived the day before induction and we had a pretty short labor for a FTM. Anyway, best wishes to you – hope you have a safe delivery soon!

  6. I agree with Mo’s thoughts about 41.5 weeks. I know many women who went into labor at 8-10 days past their due date, so try to hold out until then at least. Stand your ground and believe in your body — even if no one else does. Spontaneous labor happens all the time! I’ve heard good stuff about the nipple stimulation. From what I read, you’re supposed to do it three times a day (an hour each time) for it to be most effective — it never worked for me, but I’d say that it’s still worth a shot. Good luck!

  7. I totally agree with the other comments about going to 42 weeks, provided Thumper is okay. Be strong and don’t let anyone try to convince you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Good luck!

  8. As long as everything is looking good, your doc should definitely be able to let you go up to 2 weeks past due! Stay strong and be confident. The average for a first time mom is 8 days over. Birth ball, sex and long walks. I have also heard great things about nipple stimulation. If they do want to induce try to get them to strip your membranes(and giving it 24 hours) before going for pitocin methods. Meditation and thinking of things opening up and moving along can help in some cases too.

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