She’s Here.

Thumper has arrived. She’s beautiful and perfect, and Hubby and I are head over heels in love with her. Her entrance into the world was somewhat dramatic and not at all what I expected, but I’ll write more about that when I’ve gotten some sleep and don’t have to chicken-peck it on my phone. Thank you all for your well wishes and positive thoughts after yesterday’s post. Nothing went according to plan, but it was all worth it to get our little girl into our arms.


42 thoughts on “She’s Here.

  1. I’m so happy for you. I haven’t been commenting much on people’s blogs but I have been reading silently and cheering your family along all the way.



  2. Congrats new momma!!!! I am so happy to hear that she has arrived safely and you both are doing well. I have been a TERRIBLE commenter but I’ve been following along closely all this time. What a wild ride it has been to this point, but you made it! Okay, normally I would wait before throwing advice bombs, but who knows when I’ll be at a keyboard again. Finally having your little one in your arms is wonderful, but there are days and moments that will be hard. Really hard. Inexplicably hard. Especially without your former support system. So I encourage you to find one — even if it won’t be easy, you will be so grateful. Having that baby in your stroller will open up new ways to connect like you can’t imagine. Find your local park, and smile at a fellow mom, and *poof* you’ll be sharing intimate details before you know it. See if your local toystore or library have story times or babywearing classes. See if your yoga studio has a mom & baby class or breastfeeding moms meet-up. See if your hospital has a support group or classes for new moms. See if there is a facebook group for moms in your city. I was amazed to find all these things, and it HELPS. SO. MUCH. At the very least find that one person who has a little one that you can facebook message in the middle of the night when it can be so lonely. You will do great and this is going to be amazing – just don’t be afraid to reach out when it’s rocky. Okay, advice bomb over. Now go snuggle that baby!!!

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