The Second Month

Baby girl is two months old (yesterday).  In some ways it’s been easier than her first month, and in some ways harder.

Breastfeeding continues to be an issue.  We were sent to an osteopath and a second lactation consultant in a hospital where they do more invasive frenotomies, and baby girl had both her lip and a posterior tongue tie snipped.  The osteopath also released some tightness in her neck.  So far, the results have been inconclusive, which is disappointing.

We’ve been working on better sleep habits, and baby girl has been able to sleep for stretches of up to five hours at night.  Daytime sleep is more challenging, but every once in a while, she takes a two-hour nap.  Unfortunately, these are impossible to predict, so I don’t get as much done during these times as I could.

She has flashed the occasional smile, which lights up my whole world.  As far as other milestones, she’s been lifting her head since the day she was born and even gets her chest up off the floor now.  She’ll hold a toy briefly if you put it in her hand, and has brought it to her mouth a few times by accident.  She also follows certain toys and faces with her eyes and by turning her head.  She responds to voices, especially Hubby’s, and will turn to look for him.  She’s making more of a variety of sounds and coos, which are very cute.

We’ve gotten into sort of a routine, but now that Hubby has been working more away from home, most of the day-to-day tasks fall on me, and I’m exhausted by the time he gets back.  Luckily, he’s missed her all day and is happy to take over when he can, especially at bath time.

The end of baby girl’s second month was capped off with a visit from my family.  My dad (Papa), sister (Aunt Zappa) and niece (A) came for five days, from my birthday to the 2-month mark.  It was fantastic to have them here to love on my baby and help out as much as they could.  We had all kinds of adventures, and baby girl adjusted well to the commotion, for the most part.  I cried when they left, and today has been a sad day without them here.

We’re back to being a family of three.  Which is lovely in many ways, but has also made me realize that I need to develop a network of support here in our new city.  Baby girl and I would both benefit from socializing a little more, and I would like to meet some other moms.  We’ll do whatever we have to do to make the coming months easier.


3 thoughts on “The Second Month

  1. Having a network of support where you don’t have any family is so important. Are there any new moms type of groups in your area? My pediatrician’s office has one, but you don’t have to be a patient to attend. It has really saved me to have people to talk to who are in the same boat as me!

  2. There have got to me some “new mom” activities in Montreal; they seem to be everywhere! Granted it’s probably hard to find the time/energy to research them. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your family meeting the baby.

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