Transfer Day

If you have infertility, you know that a calendar is a minefield.  We have dates etched into our memories that we’d rather forget, dates that mark loss, failure, heartache.  Rare, indeed, are the days we get to celebrate.

One year ago, three individual balls of cells were transferred through a catheter into my uterus.  One of them implanted, grew, and became baby girl.

The anniversary of the retrieval and fertilization of the eggs from that cycle of IVF came and went without much notice, lost in the fuzziness of my days.  My calendar is now full of doctor visits and trips to the breastfeeding clinic.  And I would have forgotten about today too, if Hubby hadn’t reminded me.  Prior to this week, he used to marvel at baby girl’s completeness and muse, “A year ago, you didn’t exist.”  He can’t say that anymore.

I don’t have big plans for today.  Baby girl is here, and that’s celebration enough for now.  But I do want this to be a special day for her as she grows up.  And if she is lucky enough to have any siblings from our three remaining frozen embryos, I want them to be able to celebrate Fertilization Day together.  They will not have been conceived like most other children, but how many other children know the exact timing–to the hour–of their conception?  Or have a bond that most other siblings do not share?

Does anyone else celebrate Fertilization or Transfer Day?  Any other special dates on your calendar that are worthy of celebration?

6 thoughts on “Transfer Day

  1. I hope to celebrate “donor day” or the day our anonymous donor had her retrieval – hopefully with some anonymous acts of kindness for others!

  2. I had totally forgotten that you transferred three. I can certainly see celebrating transfer/retrieval day, and I love Kimberly’s idea of celebrating donor day! Hopefully I’ll have a reason to do that too.

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