All the Names

Baby girl has amassed quite the collection of nicknames and endearments in her short life.  The list below is partial (I’m sure I’m forgetting some), but I wanted to share the cuteness:

Little Bunny – the name we’ve called her since about week 12 of my pregnancy

Houdini – earned on her first night in the hospital for escaping the swaddle, still her signature move

Baby Burrito – also swaddle-related

Baby girl – yes, I call her this in real life, not just on this blog

George Costanza – briefly, when all her newborn hair fell out

Shane Battier – again, briefly, when it all started growing back in

Miss [First name]


Missy Girl

Missy [Middle name]

Baby [Middle name]

Wiggle Worm

Squirmy Worm

Squirmy Girl

Mama’s [squirmy/strong/gassy/pretty/smart/sweet/big, etc.] girl

Munchkin – a favorite of all nurses and one Hubby latched onto as well

Pumpkin – another one of Hubby’s

Princess – exactly once (I think even Hubby was surprised when he called her this)



Big Eyes – because they are big

Bug Eyes – because she can make them bigger

Toots – because, woah, baby girl is gassy

Toots McGillicutty – just because

This doesn’t even include the names Hubby and his family call her in his native language–the equivalent of “cutie” and “sweetie.”  Her first name is a variation of Hubby’s late mother’s name, but his dad calls her by his mother’s actual name, which I think is adorable.

What nicknames do/have/will you call your little one(s)?


16 thoughts on “All the Names

  1. We use Squirm Worm too. And it’s many incantations. Squirmeth Worm. Squirm Wormson. The Worm. Squirmy. Baby Worm. Squirmatha. Yup, our creativity has stopped at Squirms and Worms. For now, at least. 🙂 I’m actually having to force myself to call her Daphne for fear that she’ll think her name is Squirmy. She’s getting it, but loves loves LOVEs when I sing her Squirmy Wormy song (obvi a made up toon helping to explain that, no, her name is NOT really Squirm Worm and is instead, Daphne). 🙂

    • I have to force myself to use her real name, too! I think I tend to use a lot of variations of Miss and Girl because people always think she’s a boy. I also call her by her first and middle name a lot.

  2. Toots McGillicutty OMG I love it! I call my oldest “buddy”, “Tydee-Man”, and “Tyler-Man” and my younger son is “Boogie”, “Buggy”, and “AJ-Bug”. I love nicknames!

  3. Osita had a ton of names when she was a baby. Mostly now we just call her Fuss or Bear or Fussy B. Bear or other variations on that combination. We call her B. Bear and BB a lot. Or Isa B. The funny thing is she has no “B” initial in her name anywhere.

    Monito is Fry. It started as Small Fry but quickly became Fry. Or Fry Fry or Fry Guy or a million variations on Fry. We’re worried he won’t know his real name, and only respond to Fry. 😉

  4. I get carried away with the nicknames, and then hear myself talking and think “who is this person?” Ha ha.
    I’ve called my daughter “bug” since she was a tiny speck in my belly. Now I call her Bug, Buggy, Buggy girl, sweet pea, pumpkin, chubs, darlin’, honey, baby girl, sweet E, lovebug, etc. etc. etc.

  5. We have a few names for our boy, but I mostly call him Baby boy (he’s not so small anymore) and Munchkin. Munchkin is my favorite and I use it in all cases: when he’s sweet and good and when he’s a bit of a pill. ;D

    My sister got Bughe (short for booger) years that is taken.

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