The Fifth Month

I’m writing this in a sleep-deprived stupor.  Please forgive any incoherent ramblings that may sneak their way in.

Is it still considered a sleep regression if it’s been well over six weeks and it’s still going strong?  The culprit, as of late, seems to be gas.  We’ve discovered that not only is little miss sensitive to dairy, but the soy creamer I’d used for a few days in lieu of half-and-half did a number on her tummy, too.  Which means that, in addition to getting very little sleep lately, I’ve been deprived of my coffee as well.  We have an appointment with a new pediatrician tomorrow, during which we will discuss sleep, food sensitivities, and possible reflux.

Baby girl is five months old today.  Even as I type the words, I can hardly believe it.  Time is moving much too quickly.

The three of us have been exhausted this month, but it hasn’t been all bad.  Baby girl is growing and changing and laughing on a daily basis.  Her timid little “heh-heh” has become a full blown giggle, and it’s super contagious!  She rolled from back to belly last week, which means it’ll probably be a good two weeks before she does it again.  We’ve discovered the jumper (the kind that hangs from the door frame), and she loves it.  She also likes sitting up between my thighs.  She can balance pretty well moving forward and backward, but when she starts to fall to the side, she loses it.

She’s making the cutest sounds and faces.  The one where she “bites” her lower lip with her toothless upper gum.  The one where she makes a high-pitched, shrieky gasping sound.  I call her The Great Gaspy.  The one where she puckers her lips and scrunches up her nose.  Loud, dramatic yawns.  Just when I think she can’t possibly get any cuter, she comes up with some new expression, and I fall in love all over again.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, feet! (nearly to the mouth), jumping! ALL the toys! and cats!

Not-so-favorite things: sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep, when toys don’t obey her commands (usually “get in my mouth!”), tummy troubles.

The countdown to six months and baby led weaning has begun.  I’m desperately searching for a high chair that won’t take up an entire room and fits within our limited budget.  And one that can be pushed right up to our counter-height dining table.  I’m excited for the food adventure to begin while simultaneously intending to relish every second of this month, when my milk is still the only food she knows.

4 thoughts on “The Fifth Month

  1. It may sound crazy but breast milk makes great coffee creamer. I Know several people who had babies with sensitivities and ended up trying it. Almond or coconut milk might be options too.

    We never went back here after the 4 month sleep regression. Sleep got better but not back to what it was before. At 18 months she finally started sleeping 5+ hours at a time again. Now at 2 she will sleep 7 occasionally.

  2. Have you looked into one of the hook on chairs? I did not want a huge ugly thing in our tiny house either. We have the Fast Chair – or something like that. We love it! Best wishes at the pedi! I hope you get it all figured out tout de suite! (That’s all the High School French I can give.)

  3. Happy 5 months, a bit belated!
    I hope sleep gets better for you soon. I remember pulling my hair out at this phase. Things did get better by 7months for us. The best advice I have is that she is still little, this won’t last forever and she will learn to sleep better, before heading to college. 😀

    Along with almond and coconut milk, try oat milk.

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