The Sixth Month

It’s baby girl’s half birthday.  Six months!  There’s still a part of my brain that cannot fathom the fact that I have a six-month-old daughter.  And another part that revels in the reality of her existence every day.

We celebrated this milestone with a taste of her first solid food: avocado.

The idea of baby-led weaning, which I was nothing but excited to try prior to this month, now comes with some trepidation, considering the sensitivities baby girl has to foods I eat.  I was a little nervous going into this experiment–but she loved it.  She was curious about both the food on my plate and on her tray, and she was eager to explore it.  Next time, I’ll offer something a bit less slippery than avocado because she did get a little frustrated that she couldn’t easily pick it up and put it into her mouth.  I ended up giving the rest to her in a mesh feeder because she clearly wanted to finish eating it but wasn’t able to pick up the smaller pieces she had squished in her fingers.

This month, we finally got a doctor to give us a prescription to address her reflux (after a flat-out refusal by one and multiple appointment rescheduling with the other).  We’re only a week in, but it seems to be helping a lot during the day–not so much at night.  Sleep continues to be a big issue, one that I’m afraid to tackle too hard until I know for sure the reflux is under control.  Dr. Google suggests that could take anywhere from two weeks to a month with this medication.

We’ve been attending some mama-baby classes this month, including infant massage, and we’ve even made some new friends.  There’s one mama in particular, whose daughter is just hours younger than baby girl, with whom I’ve connected and soon hope to make plans with outside of class.  Baby girl has a bit of a harder time socializing.  She’s particularly sensitive to noise, so a roomful of people is not her scene.  It’s all still fairly new to her, though, so I hope the more we get out, the more she’ll like it and start to interact with strangers more.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, sitting up, nesting/stacking cups, books, singing and dancing, massage, avocado!

Not-so-favorite things: sleep, getting dressed (again–it’s those darn long sleeves), tummy troubles–especially if mama screws up and accidentally eats soy, dairy, or eggs.


7 thoughts on “The Sixth Month

  1. Can NOT believe she is six months old. Where did the time go?! Seems like just yesterday Skittle was celebrating her half-birthday and yet, tomorrow she turns one. These babies just grow too fast. And isn’t it marvelous and incredible and sad all at once? Sounds like you all are settling nicely into your new normal. Hope the reflux continues to improve and yay for making new friends! xo

  2. Avocado! yum! And a favorite, still, of my boy’s. 🙂
    So glad you are getting out and meeting other momma’s and I hope you do get some play dates set.
    The time and existence of our little ones is a mystery. I still marvel at the fact of my 2 year old… (and a 2nd on the way *ack*omg*)

  3. We struggled for over 6 years with infertility and March 31st we welcomed a baby boy to our family (adoption). Life sure has changed and it’s happened so fast! Our littles are close in age, so fun to see a happy family who overcame the odds. 🙂
    Our pediatrician suggested increasing probiotics to help with reflux, worked really well for our little guy.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Great start to solid food! My girls were way more hesitant about the strange stuff I was trying to put in their mouth. Strangely, they liked avocado at first and now they don’t want to eat it.
    Also, congrats on making a potential new mom friend!

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