Perks and Quirks

We knew we weren’t going to get everything we wanted in our price range when we started looking for apartments here.  We’ve had to compromise and make sacrifices (like in-unit laundry!).  The building we’re in is old, and with that comes both charm and other “character.”

perk: The large picture window in the living room that lets in tons of natural light and warms the room in the winter, and where baby girl loves to look, while swaying in her mama’s arms, when she’s tired and crabby

quirk: The squeaky floors that do an uncanny impersonation of my daughter’s crying

perk: The church bells that chime twice a day

quirk: The no-longer-functional fireplace, which now sports an insert, complete with yellow CFL bulb (also non-functional)

perk: The archways and cove ceilings in the entry and main room

quirk: The only way to open the fire escape door is to first completely open the refrigerator and freezer doors

perk: The original, iron, flower-shaped doorknobs

quirk: Every room seems to have an extra light switch that serves no useful function

perk: Everything is in walking distance: grocery stores, pharmacies, the metro, post office, fruit and veggie stands, even the photo/copy/fax place where I had baby girl’s passport photos taken

quirk: We have to park around the block because there’s limited street parking directly in front of our building

quirk: The white water (don’t worry, it’s just air bubbles) and horror movie sound effects that come out of the pipes (we can’t turn on the hot water in the bathroom sink when baby girl is sleeping–unless we want a startled, screaming baby)

quirk: The slopy, slanty floors

quirk: The foot and a half of counter space in the kitchen

quirk: What seems like dozens of phone jacks, scattered throughout the apartment, none of which actually work

perk: This was the place Hubby wanted to return to after a long day at work, the place he wanted baby girl to greet him when he walks through the door, the one that felt most like home

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