The Seventh Month

Baby girl is seven months old today.  Once again, I marvel at the slipperiness of the passage of time.  It is both fast and slow, long and short, an eternity and the blink of an eye.

This has been an eventful month.  Baby-led weaning is going well.  She loves food!  Each new food I’ve offered has been happily and greedily shoved into her mouth, including sweet potato chicken curry.  She was moving right along, pooping at least twice a day, when suddenly, bananas gummed up the works.  The last week has been an agony of gas, cramps (I’m guessing, based on her obvious discomfort), and infrequent bowel movements.  Bananas have since come off the menu, but we’re still working on getting baby girl back on a regular pooping schedule.  Fortunately, a little constipation has in no way affected her appetite or her desire for ALL THE FOOD.

She’s also been on the move this month…sort of.  Prior to a couple of weeks ago, baby girl was content to explore her world in counter-clockwise circles, with few attempts to reach or crawl forward.  Then, just before Hubby left for four days for a conference, she began to show interest in forward locomotion.  It started as an inch worm.  She would push her butt up into the air and scoot forward, a little bit at a time.  Then it evolved into more of a frog, with her knees splayed out to each side and lunging/hopping movements.  Now, she’ll get onto her hands and knees and rock before propelling herself forward.  It’s not exactly a crawl yet, but she’s well on her way.

We’ve been planning a trip to Hubby’s home country to see his family.  Which has meant getting baby girl her first passport.  We’ve had some interesting bureaucratic hoops to jump through.  Normally, for a child’s passport, the government requires a guarantor, a Canadian citizen who’s known you and your child for at least two years.  We have no such person in our lives, so I had to fill out an additional form with references and have it signed by an official who could verify both my and my child’s identities.  This turned out to be pretty easy, but it added a couple of days to the timeline.  Supposedly, the turnaround time should still be just a couple of weeks, but that depends on one of my references returning a phone call to the passport office.

This month, baby girl’s sleep has also…improved?  It’s different, anyway.  I keep thinking I’m going to write a separate post on this topic, but it hasn’t happened.  After much resistance, especially given the pain she was experiencing with her increased reflux, I finally gave in and tried a modified cry-it-out.  By the time I made the decision (Hubby was ready to try it long before I was), I was confident that the medication for her reflux was helping significantly and that the reflux didn’t seem to be the cause of her refusal to sleep (although it had been causing frequent night waking).  The first night, she screamed for 34 minutes.  She became so worked up and pissed off that she kicked through the zipper of her sleep sack.  Thank goodness it was only 34 minutes, because I don’t think I could have lasted much longer.  It was heartbreaking to listen to her cry and, even when Hubby or I entered the room, resist picking her up to comfort her.  I reasoned that she screamed either way, whether I held her or not, but it didn’t make it any easier.  After the 34 minutes, she fell asleep on her own.  I thought we were off to a good start.  The second night, she literally cried for one minute.  That was it.

The problem we’ve had with this strategy is that it’s been doomed complicated by the fact that she’s still in the crib next to our bed.  So when she wakes in the middle of the night, we’re right there, and she knows it.  We tried letting her cry it out, but it was impossible for all three of us.  So now, I try to comfort her, but if she doesn’t stop crying in a reasonable amount of time, I give in and nurse her.  Eventually, we will have to tackle night weaning, but there never seems to be a good time.  Like now, for instance, when she wakes up with horrible gas and stomach cramps.

Baby girl has been very vocal for a while now, and it’s fun to pretend she’s actually saying some words (I know she isn’t), like “mama,” “aba,” and “at” for cat.  Whenever she makes these combinations of sounds, we reinforce the heck out of it, which I know will lead to her eventually saying them for real.

For her first Halloween, we didn’t have any plans, so I procrastinated a bit on getting her a costume.  But I definitely wanted pictures, something to point to years from now and say, “See?  This was your first Halloween.”  I went to the thrift store, and while they did have some costumes in her size, they were incomplete or falling apart.  I really wanted her to have a bunny costume, but I could only find the pink suit, without the bunny ears.  (The brand new costume was $30.)  Kind of pointless.  So I went to the baby section and ended up buying a cute pair of green bloomers and a pink onesie for 99¢ each.  I came home and broke out the sharpie, and baby girl was a juicy little watermelon for her first Halloween.  Not the handmade quality my mother would have come up with, but I thought it was pretty creative in a pinch.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, food!, balls, the cats’ tails, did I mention food?, brief snuggles, splashing in the tub, and our lullaby:

Not-so-favorite things: constipation (boo!), winter hats and coats

I bought a coat that I hope will accommodate both of us so that I can continue babywearing through the winter.  The thought of covering her with a plastic drape in the stroller freaks me out for some reason, like she’s going to run out of oxygen or something, and if I can avoid winter driving as much as possible, I absolutely will.  The next few months are going to be quite an adventure.

5 thoughts on “The Seventh Month

  1. That is a perfect description of how time is passing these days. I can’ t get a handle on it. How is she 7 months old already.
    That is so great she is eating so well! We had the problem with banana constipation, too. We give them prunes when they seem to be backed up or just occasionally to help keep them regular. Well, prune in squeeze packs. I’m not sure they would eat whole prunes. My girls are not the rockstar eaters that baby girl seems to be.

  2. Bananas did the exact same thing to Daphne. In fact, I have her eating prunes daily now to keep things going. And man oh man is she stinky now… I miss those sweet smelling ebf poos I really do!

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