Sh*t happens #MicroblogMondays

I totally meant to write a post to commemorate my third blogiversary on Saturday, but then Cat got sick.  Like, oh-my-god-she’s-pooping-blood-and-when-did-she-get-so-skinny kind of sick.  So we packed her up and loaded her and baby girl into the car on Sunday and made our first trip to the local vet since we moved.  She had indeed lost a significant amount of weight since she was last weighed–but that was over a year ago, before the move.  I had noticed her slimming down a bit recently, but I attributed it to the stress of all the recent changes.  The vet examined her and said she didn’t find anything obviously amiss, so the techs came in to draw blood.  They had to poke poor Cat twice to get enough blood.  We won’t know the results of the labs until later this afternoon, but the vet sent us home with antibiotics in the meantime.  In pill form.  Which is super fun to try to administer to a skinny-but-still-plenty-energetic cat.  Because she is so energetic, I’m trying my best not to fear the worst, but the possible ailments range from irritable bowel disease to cancer.  If you have a minute, send some healthy vibes to my poor, sick kitty.


 Want to participate?  Check out Mel’s post to find out how.

10 thoughts on “Sh*t happens #MicroblogMondays

  1. Poor kitty! Hope the diagnosis is not too serious and that she’ll be back to normal soon! And good luck with the pill administration… No fun in that.

  2. So scary. Fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious. And best of luck with the pills (if possible, I really recommend pill pockets for pilling her).

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