The Eighth Month

Baby girl turned 8 months old on Tuesday, or, as Hubby called it, her two-thirdiversary.  I don’t think this month-marker hit me quite as hard as previous ones because I’d been asked several times in the week leading up to it how old she was and had been saying “eight months next week,” and eventually dropped the “next week” part.  So Tuesday just made it official.

While baby girl still didn’t learn to crawl this month, she found plenty of other ways to get around.  First, she learned how to get from her belly into a sitting position, which quickly took the place of any frog-hopping she had been doing.  The problem with that was that she’d never really taken to rolling back-to-tummy, even though I’d seen her do it for the first time just before the five-month mark.  So she’d go from belly to knees to sitting, but if she fell onto her back, she was stuck.  Finally she had the motivation she needed to get out of that position, and after a couple of days with my help, she was soon rolling on her own.

With all of these transitional movements in place, she’s able to move about quite a bit, doing what Hubby coined “break-dancing.”  It’s kind of hilarious and amazing to watch.

Baby-led weaning continues to go well, and I really think it’s having a positive impact on her fine-motor skills and hand-eye-coordination.  She’s trying really hard to pick up small items (like peas) with a pincer grasp, especially with her right hand, and she’s even using a spoon!  Well, sort of.  If I give her a loaded spoon, she’ll take it and put it into her mouth.  Not always the end with the food on it, but it’s a start.  Unfortunately, we continue to battle constipation, and she won’t drink from a bottle or sippy cup yet, so it’s hard to treat with water or apple juice.  She still nurses quite frequently, every two to three hours.  I’ve been giving her prunes daily, but because she’s controlling her intake, it’s hard to say how much of them she’s really eating.  New foods this month have included peanut butter and salmon.  Still no teeth in sight.

Hubby has been trying really hard to get baby girl to wave hi.  It seems like she’s done it a couple of times, but it’s not consistent yet.  She continues to make a variety of sounds and repeats syllables, like “mamama,” “dadada,” “nuhnuhnuh,” and “baba.”  She also shrieks and squeals and makes raspberries.  I’ve been signing a couple of words for a while now (“milk,” “all done,” and occasionally “eat”), but it’s hard to say whether she understands them yet.  Sometimes I think she quiets when she sees me sign “milk.”  She also loves singing and fingerplays.  We’ve been attending mama-baby classes for a couple of months now, and she seems to be slowly warming up.  She’ll reach out and touch other babies, and last week, she let another mom pick her up and bounce her.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba; pulling toys and books off the shelf; Row, Row, Row Your Boat; pulling the cat’s tail; moving, moving, moving; tickles; nubby balls; walks outside, even in the cold and snow

Not-so-favorite things: getting dressed, especially in winter clothes; sitting still (10 hours on a plane is going to be super fun)


One thought on “The Eighth Month

  1. We are also taking a trip this holiday season at some point, but only a few hours away. I am not looking forward to it. And ugh, the getting dressed thing…. it is a total battle for us every single time. It’s funny to watch, like if hubby is doing it, but not so fun when you’re alone grappling with a squirming almost 8 month old! Glad to hear baby girl is warming up to your group. Good for you for getting out there!

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