Oh. This.

Ask a loaded question, get a loaded answer. Hubby’s dad passed away today. We’re headed back to his home country tonight for the funeral and whatever other arrangements need to be made. At least, we keep telling ourselves, he got to see baby girl before it was too late. And on the back of that […]

Out and About #MicroblogMondays

All last week was frigid.  Like negative upper teens Celsius.  Which, if you’re in the US and totally clueless about what that means, like I was before moving to the Great White North, that’s hovering right around 0°F.  In other words, too cold to go outside with baby girl.  So when yesterday hit a high […]

The Ninth Month

Baby girl is nine months old.  What a wild month it’s been! It was a month of many firsts.  Two days after the 8-month mark, baby girl crawled in a straight line for the first time.  That night, she also pulled to stand in her crib.  She now gets into everything, and follows wherever we […]