Firsts and Lasts #MicroblogMondays

Baby girl’s first visit to Hubby’s homeland:

Saba held her for the first time on the first night of our trip, and likely for the last time on the last night.

Baby girl waved hi/bye for the first time; took her first ride on an airplane, charming more than a few flight attendants and fellow passengers; used her first passport.

She met her cousins for the first time.

She discovered grass, pulling it out of the ground, examining it, trying to eat it; attempted standing without holding on; started cruising.

Her first glimpse of the sea; first Hanukkah; first Christmas, pulling presents from her stocking with my dad and sister watching via Skype.

She was there for what might have been Saba’s last good day, the one when he asked, in English, how I was doing, when he didn’t have to be coaxed to join us in the living room after dinner.

While saying our goodbyes, the phrase “hope to see you soon,” was often repeated, but we all know the occasion of our next visit won’t be a happy one.  It will be for the last goodbye.


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6 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts #MicroblogMondays

  1. Ugh, this made me a little sick to my stomach. I hate death. And sickness. But you describe your visit and baby girl’s firsts with such beauty, that is softens the situation a little (but just a little). Glad she got to meet her grandpa!

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