The Ninth Month

Baby girl is nine months old.  What a wild month it’s been!

It was a month of many firsts.  Two days after the 8-month mark, baby girl crawled in a straight line for the first time.  That night, she also pulled to stand in her crib.  She now gets into everything, and follows wherever we go.  Her crawl is a little funky (two hands, right knee, and left foot), but she’s gotten pretty fast, and keeping track of her all day has become more physically exhausting than ever.  She’s also been cruising a bit, taking a few steps along the couch or other furniture to get to what she wants.  And, on several occasions, she has let go all together for a second or two, grinning from ear to ear with pride.

Sleep was a nightmare when she first started standing because she would get stuck in that position and scream until someone came to rescue her.  She even fell asleep standing a couple of times because she couldn’t get down.  Now she’s able to get both up and down easily, but sleep, of course, is still far from perfect.  Even before our trip, we had started letting her sleep between us in our bed, but during our hotel stay, it was almost impossible to get her to sleep otherwise.  We had a crib in the room, but there was nowhere to put it where she couldn’t see/hear our every move.  She still wakes several times a night, but lately, she’s slept as many as four hours straight, which is a huge improvement over waking every hour, as she has in the past.  Her naps have also been longer and more consistent (hallelujah!), but we’re still working out a bit of jet-lag from our trip, and the past several mornings, she’s been waking up at 5 am.

She’s eating whatever I put in front of her.  During our trip, she tasted several new foods, including falafel, shawarma, eggplant, jachnun, and eggs (which are back on the menu–although dairy and soy are still out).  I haven’t given her eggplant since we’ve been home because her face broke out the couple of times she had it while we were away, but I have been experimenting with a low-salt version of falafel/bean patty.  She seems to be eating more lately, and she continues to work on her pincer grasp to pick up tiny pieces of food.  She’s also figuring out the sippy cup.  The first few times I gave it to her, she just chewed on it.  Then we didn’t really use it during our trip (because breastmilk is her fave, and it was one less thing to tote around), but the last couple of times I’ve given it to her, she actually sucked and swallowed, although I did have to help her tip it up a little.

The other thing about our trip was that she became quite the social butterfly.  Whenever we went to our mama/baby groups or any other crowded place (the metro, for example), she would get very quiet and just stare at people.  It took her a long time to warm up.  So imagine my surprise when, on the first leg of our journey, I catch her grinning over my shoulder at the stranger waving and smiling back.  And this continued the whole trip.  She warmed up to anyone who offered a smile and a wave, giggled with my brother-in-law and licked his face, sat comfortably in her cousins’ 4- and 5-year-old laps, and generally charmed everyone she met.  She loooooved the live-in health worker who helps my father-in-law, pulling at his mustache, smiling whenever he called her name, and waving bye to him each evening.

This was also the month she started to actually like peek-a-boo (even though she “got it” before, she never really seemed to enjoy it until recently), survived her first major tumble with just a dime-sized bruise on her forehead (but, oh! the mama-guilt!), started dancing, learned to give fives, and invented 1,000 new facial expressions.  She’s just so much fun!  (So much fun I almost don’t mind the sleep deprivation anymore–almost.)

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, and, let’s face it, ALL the people; the cats! (oh my goodness was she excited to see them when we got home); being tossed into the air; peek-a-boo; flashing a cheesy grin; dancing; singing in the car; morning chats at 5 am; crawling everywhere; books; remotes; cat toys; mama’s fuzzy slippers.

Not-so-favorite things: winter clothes; sleeping in the crib; the borrowed car seat we used on our trip; bonks on the head.

Baby girl is just such a delight.  More so every day.  I can hardly wait to see what the next month brings.


6 thoughts on “The Ninth Month

  1. I can picture your little cutey doing all of these things and now have a big smile on my face! Aren’t our little trouble makers adorable? Can’t wait to here about what happens next!

    • I honestly thought baby girl would be shy like her mama, and I was fine with that. I really was shocked when she started flirting and warming up to everyone. There was one time, though, when she was more like her old self. My SIL was making some strange sounds and faces, and it made baby girl cry. 😯

    • Haha. Well, we didn’t so much teach her as take advantage of something she was already doing. She treats pretty much any surface as a drum, so when we put out our hands, she tends to slap them anyway. We just started saying “gimme five” when we do it, and she gets a big kick out of it!

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