Out and About #MicroblogMondays

All last week was frigid.  Like negative upper teens Celsius.  Which, if you’re in the US and totally clueless about what that means, like I was before moving to the Great White North, that’s hovering right around 0°F.  In other words, too cold to go outside with baby girl.  So when yesterday hit a high of -6°, we headed outside for the first time in days to run a few errands.

I have two winter babywearing options: the Moby wrap or the Ergo.  Yesterday, I wore the Moby because part of our plans included getting baby girl in and out of the car.  I can’t do that with the Ergo because in order to get her out, I have to take off my coat.  Not fun, even when it is relatively balmy, compared to last week.  I also dressed her in her wool coat, leg warmers, and mittens because of the temperature and the fact that she’d be in and out of the wrap and our nice, warm, $15 thrift-store coat.

Today was even warmer at at toasty -2°.  We weren’t using the car at all, so I put baby girl in her fuzzy-lined hoodie and into the Ergo.  I was happy to see two other babywearing mamas out today on our walk to the natural foods store.  (I swear, I’m not nearly as crunchy as I sound in that sentence.)

Any other winter babywearing mamas out there?  What are your WBW tips?

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11 thoughts on “Out and About #MicroblogMondays

  1. OK, mom-to-be question: which wrap do you like better? I’ve been looking into all of them (Ergo, Mei Tai, Moby, Baby Bjorn) and I’m stymied. Got any pro tips? Email me if you’d rather.

    • I am by no means a pro. Moby and Ergo are the only ones I’ve used. I had a sling, but it never felt very secure. I like both for different reasons. Over the summer, I preferred the Moby because it was cooler than the Ergo with the infant insert, but once we stopped using the insert, most of the time I prefer the Ergo. Except for getting her in and out of it while still wearing a coat. I would definitely recommend having a couple of different styles of carrier if you can because some work better in some situations but not all. If there’s a boutique or store that sells them where you can actually try them out (although that’s probably not easy for you at this point) I would suggest doing that. I had no clue what I was doing when we started and actually registered for the Ergo only because I thought Hubby wouldn’t want to wear the wrap. But he’s actually worn both and preferred the Moby for a while too. The only thing I’ll say about the Baby Bjorn, and this is not from experience, is that it’s not nearly as comfortable as the Ergo. I’ve also heard really good things about Tula and would like to check one out myself. I know all the options can be a little overwhelming and confusing, and it can take practice to get the fit right for you and baby, but I hope you’ll like babywearing. I love it. When we went on our recent trip, we didn’t even take a stroller. I just wore her in the Ergo the whole trip. It was a huge time saver at the airport! Good luck!

    • I love the Moby for little babies but a lot of people find it gets uncomfortable around 15lbs and you can’t safely do a back carry with it(due to the stretchiness). A mei tai is a great option that will easily grow with baby and can be used for front, hip, and eventually back carries. The ergo is also a great option but keep in mind you would need either an infant insert or a rolled blanket to use it with a newborn.

  2. Zero advice. We had both Mobies and a Becco. Grey loved the Becco, especially since you could turn them outward with it. I liked the Moby for when they were tiny and then after I learned how to tie it as a rugsack (both liked to be carried on my back). But I think it’s all a matter of preference.

  3. I’m impressed. I couldn’t wear two of them out in the cold. Only in the warmer months. The double carrier was just too big to fit under a coat.

    Though I’m also a wimp and in temperatures that cold, I’d make excuses not to go out at all. I even wear jeans and long-sleeve shirts in the summer.

    • I wear jeans in the summer too. And I didn’t mind at all being cooped up in the apartment all last week. There way no way I wanted to go out in that cold, baby or no baby!

  4. Haha! These pics are hilarious. You look kind of miserable! I bet your little munchkin looks adorable as always though. Wish I had tips for you, I’m sad to say that I can no longer baby wear due to a problem with my hip.

  5. If I had to go out in that weather: Snowsuit on babba, Baby Bjorn, plus possibly blanket. We had snow here past few days and I just kept babba inside with a stove lit though. Cosy 🙂

  6. I am a volunteer babywearing educator with my local babywearing international group. I love the pictures! We always used an oversized coat like you for winter wearing and I preferred either a stretchy wrap (like a Moby) or a woven wrap, because I could pretie them and didn’t have to take my jacket off. We also sometimes used a tucked blanket as a extra cover. Our group actually wrote a post recently about cold weather wearing with some tips and ideas. http://bwiofncil.blogspot.com/2014/10/ cold-weather-babywearing.html?m=1

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