Oh. This.

Ask a loaded question, get a loaded answer.

Hubby’s dad passed away today. We’re headed back to his home country tonight for the funeral and whatever other arrangements need to be made.

At least, we keep telling ourselves, he got to see baby girl before it was too late. And on the back of that thought comes, but she won’t remember meeting him.

I keep thinking of when my mom died, almost five years ago. The dread. The phone calls. The crying. This was more expected, but still, nothing prepares you.

If you have a moment, please send some thoughts our way.  For Hubby, for his family, and for safe travel.


19 thoughts on “Oh. This.

  1. Truly, nothing prepares you. Death sucks. Losing someone and never seeing them again blows. But, at least you’ll be able to tell her the story of meeting him. Of how much she was loved. Sending you guys love, prayers, and grace has you traverse this difficult time.

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