The Eleventh Month

Baby girl turned 11 months on Monday.  Which means her birthday is less than a month away.  Which I am simultaneously excited for and sad about.

This month has been so. much. fun.  Baby girl’s language skills have skyrocketed.  She now understands so much, and she’s repeating a ton of words–or trying to.  She imitates “yuck” (guk), “cat,” “burp” (bup), “thank you” (kaku), “all done,” “be right back” (bi-ba), “diaper” (bi-puh), “book,” and “uh-oh.”  She signs “milk” while breastfeeding and imitates the sign for “more” (as well as trying to say the word, or at least “mmm”).  She waves and says “bye-bye.”  She claps her hands for “yay” or pat-a-cake.  She covers her face for peek-a-boo.  And the other day she pointed to my nose and mouth on the first try!  She understands “spoon,” “pocket,” the word/sign for “milk,” “cat,” and “where’s the baby?”  She’s just been showing off so much of her personality and intelligence, and I can’t get enough!

She’s also what I like to call a one-stepper now.  She’ll let go and take one step toward something or someone she wants.  She also likes to walk around holding just one hand.

Lately she’s way into books–and not just to chew on.  She’s looking at the pictures, pointing, and turning pages.  There are certain pictures she can point to when asked, like the red balloon in Goodnight Moon and the koala in one of the books Hubby reads to her.

She continues to eat and feed herself like a champ, and breastfeeding is still going strong.  I don’t even want to talk about sleep because ugh.  But we’re working on it.  We haven’t been out and about too much because of the weather (although when we do, she’s a little trooper), but it’s finally starting to warm up, so I hope we’ll be getting out a lot more.  Unfortunately, a lot of the group/organized outings are scheduled during nap times (which I never understand–clearly these things are planned by people who don’t have kids?? or have kids who can sleep wherever/whenever–which is not baby girl).  Plus, given the fact that I don’t know how much longer we’ll be here, I’m not super motivated to participate in a lot of structured activities.  I do plan to take her to parks and the baby-friendly breastfeeding/pregnancy/baby store/cafe that’s within fair-weather walking distance.

The ToothWatch 2015 count is still at 3, but several of her upper teeth look like they’re ready to pop through at any moment, which explains why she’s been biting me again lately.  At least she’s (mostly) not biting my nipples this time.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, getting into everything!, lentils, broccoli, books, the cats, going outside (even in the cold), dancing/jumping, when Mommy sings–especially Itsy Bitsy Spider, zippers, velcro, Aba’s shoes, throwing all the books on the floor before “reading” them

Not-so-favorite things: staying still for anything–diaper changes, getting dressed, eating–she’s constantly on the move; having hands and face wiped after eating; going back to sleep without mom’s boob in her mouth in the middle of the night


3 thoughts on “The Eleventh Month

  1. Wow, lots of change. All excellent! Sorry about the sleep. It’s a tough one and so individualistic. I know we’re still struggling with it and there really is no magic cure (despite what others claim). Hang in there and keep doing an awesome job!

  2. Spring is just starting to arrive here, and I think I’m giddy. Enjoy getting out and about for a change! Baby girl sounds precocious and adorable, I can’t believe it’s almost been a full year!

  3. Isn’t it soooo much fun right now!? (Except the sleep! We are the same boob or bust problem over here). It sounds like baby girl is very communicative! Amazing! She and D wouls have such a blast together.

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