Jumping Bean

“Baaa-by girl’s a jumpin’ bean, jumpin’ bean, jumpin’ bean,
Baaa-by girl’s a jumpin’ bean, aalll daay looong.”

I sing; she jumps. Holding my hands or the furniture, she jumps–and the girl gets air. Our downstairs neighbors probably wonder what all the thumping is about, but she loves it.

Back when we started the mama-baby group, one of the songs we regularly sang was “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Each mama would hold her baby’s hands and gently sway back and forth while singing. Baby girl didn’t care about the gentle part, and as soon as she learned the song, she would take my or Hubby’s hands and throw herself forward and backward, letting us know it was time to sing.

She started kicking early on, especially during diaper changes, and if you weren’t careful, she’d get you with a pointy little heel. She’s always been a squirmy, wriggly little thing, but recently, she can’t be bothered to stay still at all for a diaper change, instead twisting herself out of my grasp and walking around with her naked little butt hanging out. It’s frustrating sometimes, but I can’t help but laugh because it’s also so darn cute.

I knew, even before she was born, that she would be an active child. She was constantly on the move, doing rolls and kicks and flips that would remind me she was growing and thriving when I couldn’t see it happening with my own eyes.

When she was in the womb, she would stretch her legs, sending her butt toward my right side and her feet to the left. At that point in my pregnancy, a coworker had told me I had “swallowed the basketball,” but when baby girl stretched like that, it looked more like a football in there. Lately, when she’s nursing, she’s been doing similar stretches, sometimes getting her toes all the way up to my chest, and I think back to when I was pregnant. It’s almost incomprehensible that she was once small enough to fit inside me. But these little reminders bring it all back.


2 thoughts on “Jumping Bean

  1. Lovely to meet you via the A to Z Challenge. Someone else I know is blogging about their journey into the unknown with IVF – you might like to check it out and share some of your experiences – clicks-clan.blogspot.com – I can only imagine what a roller coaster ride it has been and it is lovely to see the joy your daughter has brought you 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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