I’ve been calling my daughter “baby girl” on this blog since she was born (before that, she was “Thumper“). But my baby girl isn’t such a baby any more. She’s growing and changing so quickly, and has been walking and talking for a month already!

So it occurred to me that she needs a new pseudonym. One of the many nicknames I’ve used for her in real life, since she was teeny tiny, is Missy. I used to joke that I called her that to reassure her that she was, in fact, a girl, since everyone we met immediately assumed otherwise. But it stuck.

As my baby girl grows, and especially if she gets to become a big sister one day, I want that to be reflected here as well. It may take some practice. There’s a good chance I’ll continue to call her baby girl for a while, as well as Missy, or Little Miss, or some other variation. But I hope that this new nickname will stick by the time we (maybe/hopefully/someday) bring home the next baby.

One thought on “Missy

  1. It’s a cute nickname. My baby girl is four years old now, and I still call her my baby girl! Heck, I still call my 10 year old son “baby.” He’s not too fond of that!

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