The Twelfth Month

I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that my baby girl is twelve months old. And her twelfth month was a big one!

It was the month she started walking. The occasional single step turned into three or four in a row, which quickly became half a dozen, and soon she was toddling across the room with purpose. By her birthday, she was a full-fledged, confident walker. She was even taking some backward steps without losing her balance.

It was also the month she started talking. Like, really talking. I counted the words she was saying just before her birthday and came up with at least ten. Her favorites are “cat,” “burp,” “light,” and “Aba.” My favorite is “bless you” (beh-poo) when anyone sneezes, including her. It’s the cutest. thing. ever! (In case you’re curious, and for my own records, the others are Mama, diaper, yuck, hi, bye-bye, banana (nana), and yay–holy cow, that’s actually 12 words!) She continues to imitate new words, as well, in both languages, and she understands more and more.

The ToothWatch 2015 count is up to five, four of which are on the left side of her mouth. She now has two top teeth, which means she can really bite (and it hurts!), which means she also has an easier time eating certain foods. Chicken, peas, beans, broccoli, and carbs continue to be her favorites. I’ve been giving her more dairy. She’s not a fan of all of it (Greek yogurt and goat cheese seem to be a bit tangy for her liking), and I haven’t attempted giving her straight cow’s milk. She likes the sippy cup but hasn’t quite mastered drinking out of it. Something about coordinating tipping the cup, sucking, and swallowing is kind of tricky.

We were able to get down to (only!) two nighttime feedings this month, but then, somehow, it crept back up to three. I know she probably doesn’t need to eat at night, but part of me can’t help thinking she still needs that milk. After all, she only weighs 18 pounds–it couldn’t hurt, right? It would be nice if we could all get some uninterrupted sleep, though.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, books, wooden blocks, the cats, baths, walking everywhere, nursing, singing, going outside, making messes

Not-so-favorite things: having hands and face wiped after eating, staying still for diaper changes, sleep, sleep, sleep

My baby’s a toddler now. The year has gone by so fast, and yet, so much has happened. Hubby and I have watched our little missy grow and change–sometimes from one day to the next–and it’s been amazing. I know the next twelve months will be just as full of wonder.


4 thoughts on “The Twelfth Month

  1. Wow she is quit the talker!!! She and D are very much on the same developmental trajectory at this point… Isn’t it funny what words they choose to say? D’s favorites are Hat, Duck, and Dog. But why hat? I think I may be raising a fashionista unintentionally.

  2. Blink and the years will be gone. They grow up soooooo fast. I wish I had less busy during those years and wrote more down to reflect back on. By the way, your balloon thing covers up lots of words and makes reading between the lines kinda of pain. I had to skip almost a whole paragraph.

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