No princess #MicroblogMondays

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the newest member of the royal family has been named.  Baby girl’s name was a frontrunner for a while, but–thank goodness–was not ultimately chosen.  Part of the reason I like her name–a name Hubby chose–is because it is relatively rare (although, somewhat surprisingly, I have met two other babies with that name here in Montreal).  If the littlest princess had been given that name, that would change.  Not only would the name become incredibly popular, but it would forever be associated with royalty.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Hubby does occasionally call baby girl “princess,” and…I kind of hate it.  Obviously, we think she’s pretty great, but I don’t want her to grow up with a sense of entitlement.  I don’t want her to be spoiled or selfish or demanding.  And don’t even get me started on Disney princesses.

But I don’t know that real-life princesses are like that at all.  Princess Diana was poised and kind and charitable, as far as I remember, but I’ve never been much of a royal-watcher. Anyway, I guess it’s moot, for now.


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10 thoughts on “No princess #MicroblogMondays

  1. My cousin and I once had a commiseration party on this- he is about 6 months older than William, and he is also a William. My parents chose a unique to Australia name for me, so growing up in the USA it was simply unique, until an Australian pop star with the same name had an ear worm hit. And since it was the only hit of hers in the US, I endured many years of hearing the locomotion.
    But after the fact, there is little you can do.

    • Oh, I’m sorry! Well, as my husband told me when we thought it was going to go the other way, your daughter had the name first. You can tell her the princess was named after her!

  2. I loooooooove your daughters name and am so glad it wasn’t ruined by the darn royals! Though Charlotte is such a gorgeous name and that was on my list as I have two beloved Charlottes in the family. And “princesses” bug me too.

  3. I’m totally with you on the princess thing…I don’t think I’d ever call a daughter princess. It’s never been something I aspired to be likened too and it has connotations of being spoiled sometimes.

  4. Just a word of warning…the Disney princesses will probably get to baby girl no matter what you do. My sister never wanted that for my niece either, and yet she’s all about Ariel and Aurora and Frozen now. Sometimes it just happens and there’s nothing you can do…but then she’ll turn around and still want to go play in the dirt. It’s all about balance!

    • Oh, I was all about Ariel and Belle when I was a kid! It’s only as an adult that I can look back at it and shudder at the “someday my Prince will come” mentality of the whole Disney Princess franchise. She might be totally into it, but that means my job (and Hubby’s) is to make sure she knows she doesn’t need a prince to come rescue her. I want her to be the hero of her own story! *end of mini-rant*

  5. I wrote a post that I never put up about how anxious I was about the name. A name that has always been special to me was one of the front runners, and if she had named her that… well… then I would have had to hear that name all the time. I’m glad she chose the name of my notebook 🙂

  6. We’re still in the process of trying to find a name and middle name for our “princess” (Baby girl is more like it). Charlotte was on the table, as a middle name, for 1 sec until hubby said it was his sister’s middle name and he didn’t accept it. 🙂 Names…so much goes into them.

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