Bad blogger #MicroblogMondays

So, I’ve done that thing. You know, that thing? Where you say you’re going to blog more regularly, write it in a post for all to see, then vanish from your blog for over a week? That thing. Sorry about that.

I actually have posts in my head, posts I’ve mentally written in bits and pieces that have never made it to the screen. Maybe it was Mother’s Day that threw me off. Can I still use that as an excuse now that I have a child? Now that I am somebody’s mother? That fact doesn’t make the day any less complicated for me. If anything, it’s more complicated. How do I simultaneously celebrate my hard-won motherhood and mourn the loss of my own mother, who never got to see me in this new role?

Anyway, it’s not an excuse, but maybe one of many possible reasons I’ve been absent from this space.

 Want to participate?  Check out Mel’s post to find out how.

4 thoughts on “Bad blogger #MicroblogMondays

  1. I think that’s a perfect reason, especially with the complexities of mourning your own mother while celebrating your new role and missing her being a part of that. I think it’s okay to disappear every once and a while when life takes over, it’s the coming back that’s important, whenever that happens. I think it’s great to have a mental list of posts at the ready.

  2. You just posted once a day for a month. I think you’re entitled to a break! And you had a more than valid reason. I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day, despite missing your own mom.

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