Parc Snowdon #MicroblogMondays

One thing I enjoy about Montreal is that, when it’s actually green, there’s an abundance of green space. There are several parks within walking distance of our apartment. Some are big, consisting of multiple play areas, dog parks, and soccer fields, while others are teeny tiny. I recently discovered (or noticed, now that the weather’s nice) one of the latter just blocks from our home. It’s just a few trees and benches, a flower bed, and a horseshoe-shaped path, but it’s quite a lovely little space.

Proof that it's an official park, not just somebody's well-kept yard

Proof that it’s an official park, not just somebody’s well-kept yard

That’s it. The whole thing.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with this city, but I can add this one to the “love” column.

P.S. It’s a day of remembrance in the US. Today I’m thinking of all those who are living with loss, in whatever form it takes.

 Want to participate?  Check out Mel’s post to find out how.

3 thoughts on “Parc Snowdon #MicroblogMondays

  1. That is a sweet little park, if you can call it that. I hope you take time to enjoy it there! Maybe with an ice cream or a book (if your little one will let you).

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