Happenings (and not-happenings) #MicroblogMondays

After a 2-week hiatus, bullet points seem about right: My last post should have been called “When it seems to be working…”, which leaves room for the current uncertainty we find ourselves in. Hubby never heard back about the Nebraska job, so no on-campus interview there. He’s since had phone or Skype interviews for two […]

#MicroblogMondays: When it works…

After you get over the initial shock, followed by acceptance and deep gratitude, you start to wonder why. What’s different about this time, compared to all the others. Did you do something better, or is it just dumb luck? That’s what Hubby has been asking himself amidst the sudden onslaught of interview requests, even though […]

The Fourteenth Month

Another fun and eventful month! This was our second Mother’s Day together, but the first one where Missy could “bring” me the gifts Hubby bought. So cute, although she usually ended up taking off the other direction and/or eating the wrapping paper. Same goes for my birthday. My baby girl has become quite the little […]

One down…

…Two to go. Hubby is on fire! He had a phone interview yesterday, and he has two more scheduled in the next week. For the interview he had yesterday, which he said went pretty well, he should know whether or not he’ll be invited for a campus interview by next Thursday. It’s very early. We’ve […]


I was born in a small town in southeast Nebraska and lived there until 3/4 of the way through the eighth grade. Two of my older sisters and both brothers live there, as well as three of my oldest sister’s kids, who are all in their 30s. When I was in grad school, I did […]