I was born in a small town in southeast Nebraska and lived there until 3/4 of the way through the eighth grade. Two of my older sisters and both brothers live there, as well as three of my oldest sister’s kids, who are all in their 30s. When I was in grad school, I did one of my student teaching rotations at a school in Omaha, but when they offered me a job, I turned it down because I didn’t want to live that close to certain members of my family.

My, how things have changed. Now that Missy is here, family has taken on a whole new level of importance in my life. My older siblings and I have always had a strange dynamic, partly because of huge gaps in age and partly because of clashing personalities. Where I was once invisible to some, I am now the center of attention (or, rather, Missy is). And while I’m sure living closer wouldn’t change my relationship with certain members of my family, I want my daughter to be aware of their existence, at the very least.

Hubby has been applying for jobs everywhere. Both academic and non-academic jobs. We found out a while ago that he didn’t even get an interview for his dream job, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get something even sort of related to his field, right? His most recent application is for a visiting professor position. In Nebraska. I have never wanted to move back to that state so badly.

Mostly because my younger sister and my dad both live in neighboring Missouri. My sister might even be getting a promotion at work that would require her to cross the border several times a year. We could actually spend holidays with my family. Missy could know some of her (many, many) cousins.

So I’m putting this out there, into the universe. Nebraska’s not a terrible place to live. It could be pretty great on several levels. If I could will this to happen, I would. Plus, I’m really craving a Runza right now.

8 thoughts on “Nebraska

  1. I’m from Nebraska! It isn’t so bad. Everyone is really, really nice. Really. And the pace of life is relaxed. And Runza with their delicious french fries (when properly salted).

  2. Good luck. There’s just something about going back to your childhood home (no matter where that is). I probably could never find work in my field at home, but if I could I would.

  3. I have been thinking a lot lately about how relationships to family are affected by having kids. It is complicated but I really want my children to have more relationships with people who love them and I think being so far from all of our family is what keeps me from every really feeling rooted in the place where we live.

    I know nothing about Nebraska but I hope the job works out!!!

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