One down…

Two to go.

Hubby is on fire! He had a phone interview yesterday, and he has two more scheduled in the next week. For the interview he had yesterday, which he said went pretty well, he should know whether or not he’ll be invited for a campus interview by next Thursday.

It’s very early. We’ve been in this position before, and none of his previous interviews (with the exception of the one that landed us in Montreal) led to any offers. Each of the potential jobs has its pros and cons:

*the Nebraska job would be great for moving closer to my family, but the job itself is only for two years, and I’m not sure how excited Hubby is about the possibility of actually living in Nebraska

*his next interview is for a job outside academia, which is a big deal for Hubby, but it’s in an area he’s wanted to move to for years, and it pays well

*the third interview is for a tenure-track position–by far, Hubby’s ideal job–but it’s in another country (not the US or Canada), and we’d still be light years from either of our families

So, that’s what we’re looking at right now. We’re hopeful that one of these interviews will lead to a job, but we’re not holding our breath just yet. It’s hard not to think about what each of these possibilities could mean for our little family, but the reality is that nothing has changed yet. We’re still here, still waiting, still in limbo.

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