The Fourteenth Month

Another fun and eventful month! This was our second Mother’s Day together, but the first one where Missy could “bring” me the gifts Hubby bought. So cute, although she usually ended up taking off the other direction and/or eating the wrapping paper. Same goes for my birthday.

My baby girl has become quite the little chatterbox! She seems to have a constant commentary on the things going on around her and has added significantly to her vocabulary this month. She has a word for brush/comb/toothbrush, which doesn’t sound like any if these, medicine, careful (used when climbing–on anything and everything), zipper, oops, baby, oatmeal, coffee, cheese, chicken (the food, not the animal), book, fork, eyes, mouth, leg, block, monkey and duck (in addition to the sounds), pants, shoe, glasses, walk, kick, jump, [Zappa] (my sister’s name, when I’m on the phone or we’re on Skype). She’s been saying “mom” a lot!–for my phone. Probably because every time she tries to get it (or succeeds and I have to take it away from her), I say, “That’s Mama’s.” In Hubby’s language, she says “light” and “nose”. She also repeats Hubby’s brother’s name clearly but hasn’t said it spontaneously yet.

And I know it’s crazy early for this, but I swear she has used a couple of 2-word phrases: “yuck-yuck cat” (which is totally accurate) and “kick ball.” I’m not the kind of mom who thinks my kid is a genius or better than everyone else’s (okay, maybe a little because she’s mine and I am totally biased). If a mom I worked with had told me her 13-month-old was combining words, I would have internally rolled my eyes, which is what you’re probably doing now. And maybe these were just coincidences, two words that happened to occur close to each other in her over-zealous need to label all the things. But it happened, so I’m documenting it here.

She has started to do more play with purses and bags. It’s so adorable when she pulls the strap over her head and puts one arm through, then toddles off like she has someplace to be. She’s not interested in putting things in her bag, but she’ll pull things out one by one, so I try to keep them stocked. She’s also just beginning to do something with blocks and stacking toys other than dismantle them. She’s not super successful at stacking them yet, but she sure is trying.

When it comes to mealtimes, Missy is obsessed with utensils. She insists on having the same fork or spoon as us–no more baby utensils. She uses the spoon well if I pre-load it for her, but she mostly takes the food off the fork with her fingers and proceeds to use it to comb her hair, Little Mermaid style.

She loves to brush her hair and will use just about anything she can get her hands on to do so (see dinglehopper above). That includes her slobbery toothbrush or a spoonful of oatmeal.

She had been struggling with the sippy cup, so I finally wised up and bought a straw cup. This has been a revelation. She’s so darn proud of herself, though all she’s managed so far is sips of water. Cow’s milk, here we come.

Her new gross motor skills are kicking a ball and climbing. Everything–the baby doll, the baby bed, puzzles, blocks, toy cars, balls, wipes boxes, books, baskets, pillows–becomes a step, a means to an end, which is to reach ALL THE THINGS, especially the ones Mommy thinks are at a safe height. She’s also able to climb the stairs on the play structure at the park.

The ToothWatch 2015 count is up to 8. Well, seven and a half. But she’s about to have a symmetrical grin for the first time ever!

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, picking dandelions, “doing the laundry”, kicking a ball, climbing, trying to jump, snuggles, bathtime, music, sticks, the cats, books

Not-so-favorite things: sleep, diaper changes, cleaning hands and face after eating (although this has gotten much better since I started letting her “help” by leaning face-first into the washcloth), anything we try to do for her that she thinks she can do by herself

She’s so sweet and smart and is becoming more and more independent. One day soon, I know all traces of my baby are going to be gone, replaced by my big girl. It’s bittersweet but also so much fun to watch her become the little person she is.

2 thoughts on “The Fourteenth Month

  1. Wow she has quite a list of words! D has also begun to string words together too I swear – hi dada, hi birdie, hi doggie – is is sooooo freaking cute! This post inspired me to write one too, because like you said soon all traces of baby will be gone. I try not to be wistful about stuff like that because the whole point is for them to grow up – but wooooooow it’s the most beautiful and most bittersweet thing ever to see my daughter wrench the fork out of my hand and attempt to feed herself. Speaking of which, I totally pictured missy trying to comb her own hair with a fork and laughed out loud!

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