#MicroblogMondays: When it works…

After you get over the initial shock, followed by acceptance and deep gratitude, you start to wonder why. What’s different about this time, compared to all the others. Did you do something better, or is it just dumb luck? That’s what Hubby has been asking himself amidst the sudden onslaught of interview requests, even though he’s been seriously applying for jobs since January. And it’s what I ask myself when I look at our daughter.

Is the postdoc on his CV finally getting some attention? Has he perfected the art of the cover letter? Are there more jobs for his particular skill set? Have the stars aligned just right?

Was it the day-3 transfer? Three embryos at a time? Better sperm quality? A better lining? A fresh cycle? And what does that mean for our embryos on ice?

The point is not to answer any of these questions, if they even have an answer, but appreciate our current good fortune and hope it holds up. That there is a next round of interviews, a job offer, a second child.

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8 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: When it works…

  1. I wish I knew. Grey’s been fielding similar interest and we’ve been trying to pinpoint what is different. After all, having a reason means you know how to circumvent the bad. But sometimes it’s not that simple. Sometimes we have to go through the BS to get to the good.

    Hoping this post means you have a job offer.

    • No offers yet. He has a Skype interview tomorrow and should hear about an on-campus interview for another job by Thursday. Fingers crossed for both our husbands (as there seems to be more luck than anything involved in this whole process)!

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