A Hint #MicroblogMondays

The town has its own castle. Ruins of a castle, anyway. First, proximity to the sea cracked and crumbled the walls, then the locals pilfered and plundered the piles of stone, like an above-ground quarry. The rest of the town is built on castle-rock. It all sounds so romantic…. ¬†Want to participate? Check out Mel’s […]

The Fifteenth Month

Missy turned 15 months old last week (yes, I’m way behind). How crazy is that? She’s getting so big and smart and capable, and leaving all traces of baby in the dust. It was a busy and adventurous month. We went for hikes, visited Parc Olympique, and got kicked out of the house several times […]

If you’re considering taking your child to an international sporting event…

Don’t. Just don’t. Especially if it’s in a dome. Especially if it’s past her bedtime. Okay, fine. If you insist. But here are some handy tips based on our recent experience: DO use ear protection for both yourself and your child. Stadiums are loud, especially when the vast majority of the crowd is rooting for […]