Next-best #MicroblogMondays

Missy and I came home just before 8 am, after receiving a text from Hubby that the interview was over. He said it was his best so far, that he had an answer for everything, that they seemed impressed he knew the percentage of international students at their university. He received an informal and encouraging response to his thank you email from the head of the department and was told they’d have an answer early next week. We spent the weekend reading between the lines of that email (“Have a fine weekend. You deserve one.”), trying to imagine a life across the Atlantic, and alternately talking ourselves down, reminding each other that there was no offer yet, that it was possible (though unlikely: “…we also enjoyed talking with you. Very much.”) that there would be none. My sister cried over Skype at the mere thought of us being so far away.

We got up this morning, fully aware of the time in the UK, listening for the phone or an email ping as we went about making breakfast, cleaning up, playing with Missy. Then it came. “I didn’t get it.” There was a lengthy explanation, but the gist is this: he came in second.

It’s not the first time he’s come thisclose to getting an offer, been told “if it were up to just me…”, but it never is. And it’s so frustrating and so heartbreaking.

He has another interview on Wednesday. It’s not tenure track and it’s not in his preferred field, but it’s mostly teaching, at which he excels. And it’s in the US. Here’s hoping…

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25 thoughts on “Next-best #MicroblogMondays

  1. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out — while it’s nice to come in second, that’s horribly frustrating. I hope this new opportunity is the one, and how nice that it’s in the US. Good luck!

  2. I’m so sorry Daryl. We’re going through a similar thing and it’s frustrating/ disheartening/ depressing. Thinking of you guys as you recover and prepare for the next round

    • Depressing is a good word for it. We’ve been in pretty much constant job search mode for almost 7 years! I hope your family’s search is going better than ours!

  3. Heartbreaking I’m so sorry! I know the right job is coming, but it’s horrible while you’re waiting! Prayers!

  4. Dammit. I know how this feels. M was up for an internal promotion three times. The first two times he came in second. Which drove me nuts, because if he was second the first time, shouldn’t he have gotten in right away the next time? He finally got it on the third try. All that to say, it can make you feel helpless and frustrated, but hopefully something good is coming your way.

    • The head of the department talked like he could just whip up another opening and hand it to my husband, but we’re not holding our breath. I hope something is around the corner.

  5. My heart sank reading this. That really sucks. We went through this all last year. It’s awful. Sending good thoughts for the Wednesday one.

  6. Oh, what a huge disappointment. Especially when they sound so encouraging in a post-interview e-mail! But I believe something amazing is just around the corner for you guys. Hope it comes sooner rather than later!

    • Thanks, Kimberly! I’m just so ready for our little family to be settled somewhere, but it looks like that won’t be happening for a while.

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