The Fifteenth Month

Missy turned 15 months old last week (yes, I’m way behind). How crazy is that? She’s getting so big and smart and capable, and leaving all traces of baby in the dust.

It was a busy and adventurous month. We went for hikes, visited Parc Olympique, and got kicked out of the house several times for Aba’s interviews. She went to her first soccer match, though she didn’t actually see much of it.

She’s got lots of new words: stick, pear, peas, quesadilla, yogurt, stuck, pick up, blanket, dog/ruff-ruff, meow, go, breeze, boo, Bruce (as in Springsteen, who sings her lullaby every night), this/that, all done, ergo, sleep sack, bib, hat, shemesh (sun), keys, up, and goal! She’s also getting awesome at following directions, like “give it to mama” and “go get your ball” and can identify a bunch of body parts and items of clothing.

Sleep has remained a challenge, perhaps more so this month, when she began teething molars. The ToothWatch 2015 count has risen by one (barely poking through the surface), with a second molar close behind. The heat has also made sleeping difficult in an apartment with no AC.

Missy loves going to the park and has just begun to climb the small stairs holding the railing (rather than crawling up), but she still makes me hella nervous on the play structure because she has no sense of fear when it comes to the drop-offs, whether it’s a high step or a four-foot drop to the ground. Her favorite things to do are pick up “sticks” (usually wood chips, but sometimes larger ones, too) and watching the dogs that are usually running around, chasing after balls and sticks of their own.

She’s been extra snuggly this month, which is awesome, and cuddles with her stuffed animals a lot, requesting blankets or laying them in my lap, along with her favorite fluffy friends. She also loves to put on hats and her bunny ears.

We’ve been coloring this month, now that she’s not immediately putting everything in her mouth (though I do still have to remind her frequently to use the crayon on the paper, rather than eating it). She’ll also use her sticks at the park to “draw” on the ground.

Oh! Probably my favorite thing is she started cleaning up this month! Like, actually picking things up off the floor and putting them (somewhat) where they belong: shoes in the shoe basket, toys and books on the shelf. It’s amazing! Of course, she does it when she wants, and not when I ask her too, but baby steps.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, dogs, sticks, chicken, fruit, blankets, bunny ears, walking backwards, pretending to go bye-bye, snuggles, tickles, books, music, the cats, her tiny rocking chair.

Not-so-favorite things: sleeping in the heat and humidity, teething big fat molars!


2 thoughts on “The Fifteenth Month

  1. It is soooo cool to hear about all things that Congrats on 15 months! It’s almost as if she’s dveloping right along side Daphne! Walking backwards, up stairs, drawing, following directions – D is right there with her and it’s amazing to see the rapid progress in todderlization haha. We’ve also begun to experience some serious defiance over here. And possibly night terrors after an hour of crying for seemingly no reason in the middle of the night last night. With Missy’s molars coming in I am sure you feel me! The restful night’s sleep is still a myth for us. Glad to hear you guys are getting out and enjoying your city before your next move. I can just picture Missy’s face lighting up at doggies and sticks and new adventures!

    • Night terrors? Oh no! I hope it was just a one-time thing. Sleep is definitely not getting any better around here, and every time I think I’ve figured out why, something new comes up, like this ridiculous heat. But interrupted sleep doesn’t seem to be affecting her development, so I guess we’ll just live with it. I love that our girls seem to be on the same developmental trajectory, almost like they’re virtual playmates!

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