Yeah, it’s been a while. Things are deceptively quiet around here, probably because my husband has been doing most of what needs to be done. Like submitting our visa applications online, now that his sponsorship has been approved. Except there’s a computer glitch. And even though we have an appointment for biometrics on Tuesday, we’re […]

The Sixteenth Month

Every time I write one of these posts, I find myself in disbelief that my child is another month older. How can it be? But that’s what happens. Newborns grow into babies and then into toddlers. When she’s graduating from high school, I’ll probably be thinking, “How has my preschooler become so grown up?” So, […]

A List of Lists

Here I am, after yet another unplanned hiatus (GAH!), wondering what’s been keeping me from this space and how to get myself and all of you caught up. I suspect, after spilling the beans in my last post, it finally started to sink in that this move is actually happening. Cue freaking out. Also, cue […]