A List of Lists

Here I am, after yet another unplanned hiatus (GAH!), wondering what’s been keeping me from this space and how to get myself and all of you caught up. I suspect, after spilling the beans in my last post, it finally started to sink in that this move is actually happening. Cue freaking out. Also, cue my mind running a million miles a minute trying to grasp everything that needs to be done before said move. We’ve been getting estimates from movers, looking at ads for housing, starting visa applications, checking flights, and I’ve even been looking at job listings, just in case anything in my field pops up (not that I’ll be ready to take that plunge just yet).

Years ago, I took several creative journalling classes, meant to broaden my personal writing from rambling stream-of-consciousness to beautiful, colorful, and visually stunning pages I’d want to return to again and again. One of the first assignments was listing, a technique meant to get a lot of information out quickly. We even compiled a list of list topics, to be referred to whenever we wanted to write a quick journal entry and needed a place to start.


I love me a good list, so here’s a sample of the ones bouncing around in my head that actually need to be put to paper so we can get this show on the road.

  • pros and cons of the two moving companies we’ve narrowed it down to–time to make a decision!
  • the flats and maisonettes we’ve found online that we need to watch and possibly contact as the time gets closer
  • all of Missy’s new words, to be included in her 16 month post (soon!)
  • areas/items that need to be sorted before movers come to pack–I don’t want to take anything we don’t really need or want
  • items that have to be sold–mostly small electronics–photos to be taken, and craigslist/kijiji ads to be placed
  • people/companies that need to be contacted prior to or shortly after the move regarding new addresses, final bills/payments, etc.
  • documents to be gathered for our visa applications–marriage and birth certificates, etc.
  • people to contact that might be able to help us re-home the cats (the UK is very strict about animals, and I would much rather have our girls in a loving home than spending up to 6 months in quarantine!)
  • the strategies to be included in my next speech and language post (I haven’t forgotten, I swear!)
  • the hundred steps we have to take from here to settling in our new home–including finding tenants to take over our lease, selling the car, and finding temporary housing in Wales

It’s a lot. And don’t even get me started on figuring out what to do with our frozen embryos, which reside in our old hometown. When the time comes, would it be better to transport them across an ocean? For me to come to them? Which is more practical? More cost-effective? More likely to succeed?

In other news, I finally have an appointment with a counsellor (which I called about months ago) tomorrow afternoon. It turns out to be good timing, as we enter yet another very stressful time.


7 thoughts on “A List of Lists

  1. Oh, boy. That’s a LOT to be thinking of. Moving is stressful. And overwhelming. And an international move, even more so. Wishing you lots of peace and luck and patience as you try to do it all. Be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to breathe. And sleep. Hope it all goes well!

  2. Wooooooow! And I thought I was exhausted!? This list makes me want to take a nap just looking at it. At the same time, I am soooo excited for you guys. Wales!? So cool. I am also thrilled you finally made an appointment with a counselor. It’s not easy carving out time like that for yourself. Looking forward to hearing about it all!

  3. oh wow. I can totally imagine how you are feeling with all of this. I think it’s such an exciting time, but you are right – you NEED those lists. I like to cross off lists myself and it’s a challenge that feels good to tackle. I hope things just fall into place for you and once you get going, you can use a big sharpie and start crossing things off.

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