The Sixteenth Month

Every time I write one of these posts, I find myself in disbelief that my child is another month older. How can it be? But that’s what happens. Newborns grow into babies and then into toddlers. When she’s graduating from high school, I’ll probably be thinking, “How has my preschooler become so grown up?”

So, she’s 16 months old today. Wow. And we officially have a climber. She’s no longer content to have both feet on the ground, nor to use a simple step to reach the previously unreachable. Oh, no. Nothing is out of reach anymore. She climbs onto the couch and finds a whole world of things-Mommy-does-not-want-her-to-have. Some serious re-organization is in order.

It’s quite amazing to watch her use her body. At the park, she’s mastering coming down the steps, as well as up, and remembers to get onto her belly first to descend the really big step on the play structure–which means I don’t have a heart attack every time she heads that direction for fear she’s going to tumble over the side and end up with a concussion. She adores the slide, which she used to be indifferent-to-terrified about. And she wants to run. She wants to go as fast as her little legs will take her (which is not quite fast yet, thank goodness, but she’s getting there).

The new words she learns are quite hilarious sometimes, and she’s been using a few more two-word phrases, like “giddyup again,” and “pick up Aba.” (Of course, no one but me actually understands that’s what she’s saying, but thankfully I speak Missy-ese.) “Again” (‘gen) is one of her favorites, and she’ll request I read the same book or play the same game over and over with this one little word. Also new this month: more, shirt, neck, boob, poop, toots (we talk a lot about our bodies in this house–maybe too much!), paper, wipe, grape, yes, and map. In Hubby’s language, she also says “pocket” and “hole.”

We’ve had some adventures in eating lately, with new foods including litchi and artichokes. Last month was technically the first time she tried corn on the cob, but she mostly just nibbled and spat it out. This month, she’s decided it’s one of her favorite foods, and she is now a pro. She’s still not drinking a ton of milk. I offer it to her in a cup, and she’ll take sips, but she still prefers it straight from the source–and I’m not talking about a cow!

The ToothWatch 2015 count is now 11, with two new molars this month. We’re still waiting on the fourth, but it seems to be taking its time.

We had our first play date in quite a while, and Missy did better than I thought she would. She’s not super interested in interacting with other kids. When she sees them, she mostly just gets quiet and watches from a distance. If they approach her, her usual reaction is to back up or walk away. This time, she wasn’t giving hugs or anything, but she played nicely near two other kids her age, and that’s about the best I can expect from her at this stage, so I was happy.

She’s still been super affectionate with her stuffed animals, and has even tried to give “real” kisses to us a few times. And by “real” kisses, I mean she’s not slobbering on or licking our faces! She’s very snuggly at times, which Hubby and I both love, and there are times it seems like she could spend the whole afternoon in my lap nursing.

Sleep is about the same, which is to say that she does pretty well until we come to bed, at which point she’s up every hour or two. She’ll have her own room when we move to the UK, but Hubby and I have been toying with the idea of blowing up the air mattress in his office, just to see how long she’ll sleep without us interrupting her. I’ve resisted the idea of not sleeping next to her for several months, but I think it’s probably time now.

My favorite thing about this month has been the new game she invented. One night, she was standing at the kitchen door while I made dinner, and I asked, “Are you hungry?” She shook her head. “No? You’re not hungry?” And she answered me, clear as day, “Yes!” This has evolved into “Are you a silly girl?” or “Are you a goofball?” and it cracks me up when she first denies it and then answers, “Yes!” And I think she totally gets the joke, which is amazing!

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, the cats, picking and smelling flowers (or leaves, or crabapples, or any new thing she wants to investigate), going up and down stairs, climbing!, snuggling with her blanket and bear, silly games, pat-a-cake, books

Not-so-favorite things: when Mommy (tries to) move things out of reach, those darn molars

Every month I think it’s not possible to love this kid more, and every month, I do. I can’t help it as I watch her become the amazing person she is.


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