Yeah, it’s been a while. Things are deceptively quiet around here, probably because my husband has been doing most of what needs to be done. Like submitting our visa applications online, now that his sponsorship has been approved. Except there’s a computer glitch. And even though we have an appointment for biometrics on Tuesday, we’re not sure my application will be accepted because we haven’t been able to make the final payment.

What I have been working on is a web page to highlight our feline companions and hopefully get them re-homed. Which fills me with all kinds of emotions, not the least of which is profound guilt that we’ve put them in this situation.

And on top of the bureaucratic and logistical nightmare that is an international move, the dryer in our building stopped working. Again. So Hubby has taken two sopping loads of laundry down the street to the buanderie.

I think I’m still in denial that we are really moving to Wales. That I’m using sleep deprivation and sheer exhaustion as excuses for not checking things off my multiple lists when in actuality, I wouldn’t be capable of tackling them even if I was fully rested. Because who moves to Wales? To live? For the foreseeable future? Who uproots their family (shallow as those roots may be) to move to the UK when all the people they love (excluding Hubby’s family, of course) are in North America? When their potential future family members are in deep freeze in the United States?

Every time I get a Coke (because sugar and caffeine are my friends), it’s this can:


Which just makes me question everything all over again. Gah!

And then I talk myself down. Again. Of course this move is for the best. For the future of our family. And yes, it’s going to be difficult to be so far away from my family, but we’ve managed so far, using Skype and WhatsApp between far-too-infrequent visits in person. We can keep doing that. And once things have settled down, we might be able to work it out so that we can see each of our families once or twice a year. That’s something, and I hold tightly to it.

Tomorrow is Hubby’s birthday. I hope it’s a fun, relaxing day. The visa offices will be closed, so there’s nothing to be done on that front, anyway.

12 thoughts on “[scream]

  1. Wishing you good things in this move and in the whole process. I’m sorry you need to regime your cats and I can imagine how hard that would be. It would be very difficult for me to have to do the same with any member of our little zoo. Sorry also that you’ll still be far from family, though if you have to be far from home it’s nice to have Skype and such at least. Just thinking of you through this whole process and wishing you the best.

  2. It’s a big deal, this move of yours, for sure. And in my opinion it’s also extremely exciting and terrifying and awesome. With Merp’s family in Wisconsin, we only see them 2x a year so it’s like they’re in another country sort of. But skype is awesome! And hopefully you will also get lots of visitors. Maybe this will give hubby the experience he needs to land a gig closer to home after this one! But by then maybe you won’t want to leave.

  3. Moves are stressful. Moves that require thousands of miles of travel are even more so. International moves ….

    I’m so sorry things have been stressful. And I’m equally sorry you have to rehome your feline companions. We are struggling just with getting Jaxson and Daisy to the other side of the country and its relatively straightforward. I can only believe to imagine the grief and guilt you are experiencing.

    Thinking of you guys. Hope DH’s birthday is a relaxing one for you all.

    • Yep, the 5-day road trip we took with them a year and a half ago seems like a breeze compared to finding them a new family. I hope your two weather the transition well.

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