Bingo! #MicroblogMondays

It’s been a busy week, filled with things like jumping through visa application hoops (including multiple failed attempts at digital fingerprinting), lunch with an awesome bloggy friend, and trying to promote the heck out of the website about the cats, the ad for the apartment, and the few things to sell we’ve managed to get on kijiji so far. Each of which could easily be its own blog post, but, let’s face it, that’s probably never going to happen. Instead, I saw this on Facebook, and it got me thinking:


Mom Guilt Bingo


Besides nodding my head to (almost) every single thing on here, I realized mommy guilt is one thing, but mommy-after-infertility guilt is a whole other ballgame. And it deserves its own version of bingo, don’t you think? So I’ll start it off with two items:

  1. I was less than 110% “just so grateful to finally be a mom” when my toddler woke me up for the fifth time in as many hours to nurse in the middle of the night.
  2. I want another one.

Who else wants to play? And if you’re not currently parenting, what is the most annoying cliché you’ve heard from parents (after infertility or not) that just makes you want to smack them? Aaaaand GO!


 Want to participate? Check out Mel’s post to find out how.


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