MicroblogMo….wait, what day is it?

Oh, that’s right. It only feels like a Monday because my husband was home all day yesterday. He went back to work this morning, leaving me to tend to Missy on my own, with a horrible head cold, making every little thing harder than it had to be and thus contributing to the Mondayishness of today.

The reason he was home was that our things from Canada finally arrived, seven weeks after we did, and a full five weeks after we moved into this house. (A fact we learned of, by the way, just the day before.) I have to say, a house full of boxes, overwhelming as it might be, feels a helluva lot better than a house full of nothing. I’m so looking forward to getting the kitchen and playroom in order so this house can really start to feel like home.

Because we have a whole room dedicated to play! I’ve been such a slacker in this space, I can’t even remember if I’ve told all 4 of my readers about the house we live in. It’s got five bedrooms, you guys. Five! Because, in our experience, the houses here are either too big or too small. And since we brought what, in retrospect, seems like way too much shit with us from North America, we opted for too big. Or room to grow (hopefully) in the three years minimum we plan to live here.

Beyond the size, it’s a hundred-year-old house, complete with all the character and-ahem-complications that entails. It also has a relatively large (and, thankfully, low-maintenance) outdoor space and is walking distance to just about anything we could need in town.

Sitting on our sofa and looking around at all these boxes full of our stuff makes this move feel really real, not just like an extended vacation (in oddly minimalist accommodations). It also helps that we’ve started to get into a routine here and even make some friends. We had our first playdate last weekend, and despite getting pummeled with wind and rain on the walk there, Missy and I had a lovely time.

So we’ve established that it’s not Monday, and I’m pretty sure this rambling post has surpassed the parameters of anything that could be considered “micro”. Blame it on the cold or the internal chaos of our home, but I’ll end here.

3 thoughts on “MicroblogMo….wait, what day is it?

  1. Despite the cold and the chaos that is a transatlantic move, you sound good! So glad you have your stuff now and can start turning your home into a HOME. And that you’re making new friends! I have found that, as a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t have any family close by, my friends are the key to my sanity. Have fun and keep us updated!

  2. So happy to hear from you!!!!! The house sounds amazing, and I think you will really love having the extra space! Also glad to hear you’re meeting new people and enjoying the adventure so far. Sending lots of love to you three and can’t wait to hear more!

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