8 thoughts on “Wordless-ish Wednesday

      • There are worse things right? The other night Merp was breading chicken with almond flour and D got it off the counter and dumped all of it, a pound, into the dogs bed. Messy and expensive!

      • Oh no! Well, it wasn’t that. But I figured it was appropriately blog worthy considering my period still has not returned, and we can’t even think about transferring any of our totsicles until it does, not that we could manage that at the moment anyway, considering they’re in a freezer on another continent, but who has time to delve into that can of worms, so I went with the mildly amusing photo instead! 😉

      • Yes! I’m sure that’s why. She wants to nurse all night (and most of the day too, especially if she’s either bored or overwhelmed). We started night weaning about a week and a half ago, but she hates it! Now, instead of just rolling over and getting her back to sleep immediately, she’s awake (sometimes for an hour or more) crying and asking for milk. It’s pretty rough, but I’m hoping we’re getting closer to a better night’s sleep for both of us!

  1. I’m so jealous. I just got mine back at 8 months pp. Like, wtf? I’m still bfing Q regularly, although I guess him starting solids was all my body needed for an excuse. Good to get an update from you!

    • Aw, thanks. I need to do a real update, but this whole night weaning thing is kicking my ads worse than being an all-night buffet! That sucks your period came back so quickly. It’s such an individual thing, and I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so ready to have mine back!

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