The Nineteenth and Twentieth Months

So, apparently this is how I’m doing things now. I didn’t plan it, but since the move, my posting has been way down in general, and my monthly updates on Missy have become bi-monthly (and late).

As stressful as getting settled in a new place has been, Missy has continued to handle it like a champ. The fact that she still has nights she refuses to go to sleep are not a symptom of her feeling the stress. If anything, it’s a sign she is her normal self. (Never mind that her sleeplessness adds to Mommy’s stress…) We recently began night weaning, with the hopes that she’ll eventually be sleeping in her own room in her own bed, but that still seems to be miles and miles away.

We’ve also been trying to maintain some semblance of a schedule, around plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and decorators. With all the commotion going on in our house, you’d think we were making some drastic home improvements, but a) it’s not even our house, and b) all we want are basics like a toilet that flushes and wallpaper that’s actually stuck to the wall. Once again, we face the challenges of needing to find a place to live in a hurry and living in a place where the majority of homes are 100+ years old. Only this time, we’re doing it with a toddler, which adds an extra element of obstacle-course-iness to the rooms where boxes outnumber furniture. Fun times.

Anyway…Missy is doing awesome. She’s beginning to warm up at our two weekly activities–story time at the library and a play group in the church across the street. We’ve also made a couple of friends, including a family that is originally from Canada, whose youngest is just a few months older than Missy.

Developmentally, my girl is truckin’ right along. She recently started jumping with both feet off the floor, which she thinks is so much fun. She loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals and gives them ALL THE HUGS, as well as constantly dressing and undressing them. Her vocabulary continues to increase by leaps and bounds. We picked up some old library books they were selling for 20p each, including a couple of alphabet books, and she learned a bunch of new words from those. She also now has an extensive list of descriptors, including heavy, cold, crunchy, naked, windy, dirty, wet, and yummy. Her favorite phrases are “shoes on,” “close it,” “arm in” (when getting dressed), “there (ya) go,” and “cool kid” when wearing her sunglasses. She has earned the nickname “Batgirl” for her supersonic hearing. She identifies everything by sound–dogs, sirens, airplanes, cars, birds, even her Aba shaving (with an electric shaver).

Our first few holidays here passed without much fanfare. She did have a Halloween costume (a lamb, because–Wales), but the only activities I could find on short notice were happening way past Missy’s bedtime or were geared toward older kids. Our Thanksgiving celebration consisted of Skyping with my family. Now Christmas is almost here. We attempted to attend the town’s Christmas tree lighting festivities, but the weather was so miserable, we left long before the actual flipping of the switch. Missy did get a chance to meet Santa, but she was not about to go anywhere near him or his lap, even if he was offering gifts wrapped in shiny paper.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, dolls, books, jumping, splashing in puddles, all the sounds, kisses, new friends.

Not-so-favorite things: Have I mentioned the whole not sleeping thing?

As we continue to find our way in this new place, I can’t help but skip years ahead, imagining holding Missy’s hand as I walk her to school, seeing her hanging upside down on the jungle gym, playing with her friends, going to school plays, or like my new friends, watching her sing with her class at the Christmas tree lighting. It still strikes me each time–this is our home now. Those things I imagine will most likely happen here, far from our families and the mountain desert we left behind almost two years ago. And then I take a breath, and Missy pulls me right back to the present, to sticky hands and wet kisses and calls of “Eema, Eema!” She’s growing fast, but, thank goodness, not that fast.


3 thoughts on “The Nineteenth and Twentieth Months

  1. Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely! And the Missy is doing just wonderful! Our girls are on the same page developmentally and it would be so fun to watch them play together. I laughed when you described Missy as Batgirl because I can soooo relate. “Big Truck” is one of D’s favorite sounds. It’s hilarious. Sending you guys lots of love through this holiday season.

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