The Twenty-first Month*

*(Only a week late!)

Less than three months until my girl turns two. Crazy, right?! There’s been so much growth this month, I couldn’t let another one go by without documenting it. Every day, my baby becomes a little more independent, a bit more of a big girl.

She’s kind of obsessed with getting dressed. Even when she’s fully clothed, she’s all about putting on shoes, socks, pants, and shirts. And leg warmers. So stinkin’ cute. It’s usually one leg in the pants or both arm and head through the neck hole in the shirt, which is inside out and backwards, but it’s absolutely adorable, and also the most obvious sign of her growing up.

And then there’s the talking. Oh. My. Goodness. The talking. It’s not just that she’s speaking in two- and three-word phrases. It’s the kinds of things she talks about. She has opinions and ideas and preferences, and she can voice most of them now. Like, instead of asking to listen to music in general, she makes specific requests: “different music,” or “Hey Jude,” or “Adele,” or “listen Bruce again.” It’s amazing. She’s also very into labelling things according to their owner: “Aba’s book,” “Mommy bag,” or “own blanket.” She repeats everything, up to four words, so my bad habit of saying “stupid thing” has to stop because that is one word I am not eager to have included in her vocabulary. The words she picks up without even imitating–ballerina or scooting or armpit–are astounding. She’s also adding daily to her vocabulary in Hubby’s language, and has started saying phrases as well. English is definitely her first language, but his is not exactly a second. I prefer to think of it as her other first language, even though her skills are just a tad behind what she knows in English.

We finally saw the “health visitor” at our new doctor’s office, which is a total misnomer because we had to go to her, not the other way around. Anyway, we discovered that the vaccination schedule is a bit different here, so the vaccines I thought we’d missed at 18 months won’t actually happen until after Missy turns three. There was some discussion of dentists and childcare and local activities before we got to the weighing and measuring. At 22 pounds, Missy is as slight as ever, but she has shot up above the 75th percentile in height, so we know she’s growing.

And she’s eating. Some days like a bottomless pit. She continues to try just about everything, even if it’s a single bite, which might be immediately spat out. And there are some foods she can’t seem to get enough of. Like fruit of any kind, cheese, olives, cucumbers, and peas. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of drinking from a regular cup, but she likes to try it, despite all the coughing and sputtering that ensues.

We’ve continued our regular activities here. Everything was cancelled the week of Christmas, so we’re just getting back into our routine. The holidays were pretty low key, but Hubby had two weeks off, and Missy loved having him home every day. She cried when he had to go back to work. We did manage to take a short trip to the next closest town, which happens to have a small zoo. Like, very small. But there were lions, which Missy liked, and she absolutely adored the lemurs! Their antics were cracking her up, and it was so funny to see her reaction to them.

And, finally: sleep. Night weaning seems to finally be having some effect, and it’s not unusual for Missy to sleep a stretch of five or six–or even seven!–hours if I’m in the bed next to her. It’s not 100% consistent, but it’s progress. And I definitely notice when I get better sleep.

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba, Santa (from afar), lemurs!, lions, black olives, putting on all the clothes, music and dancing, watching The Nutcracker, reading books, library story time, Minnie Mouse

Not-so-favorite things: leaving the library, night weaning, clipping fingernails 


7 thoughts on “The Twenty-first Month*

  1. I’m totally claiming credit for the love of olives, since I believe that day she had one off my pizza was her first! 🙂 Can’t believe she’s almost two!

    • I think you’re right! I’ll totally give you credit for that. The kid is a total addict at this point. Olives and raisins. They’re like baby crack.

  2. Wowzers! Times does fly! It has been interesting watching (listening?) my boy learn to speak. He started with more spoken English and these days it is almost all Finnish, with a few words of English thrown in. I wait for the days he speaks English… He does understand both 100%. (Unfortunately at times…we need a 3rd language. Hahaha)

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