Happy Thoughts Thursday: Heart Songs

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but we’ve had a rough week, sleep-wise (partly because poor Missy has a cough that keeps waking her up), and I could really use some positive energy right now. Once again, I referred to Inner Outings for inspiration.  This time, I got Heart Songs.  These are the things that make my heart sing lately:

  • I love when Missy whisper-sings. By which I mean she whispers the words to songs while doing the hand movements. She does this throughout the day, but also at night, when I’m pretending to sleep next to her, to settle herself and (maybe, eventually) get back to sleep. She does this in English and Welsh, and it’s adorable.
  • Recently, she’s been giving lots of spontaneous kisses. There have been a few mornings when I’ve woken up to her kissing my arm or head. Sometimes she walks up to me when I’m in the kitchen and kisses my leg. It just melts my heart.
  • She has my laugh, snorts and all.
  • One of the first women I met here, K, is becoming a good friend. We have infertility in common, which is bittersweet, of course. You never want anyone else to have to trudge through the shit of infertility diagnosis and treatment, but it sure is nice not to have to trudge through the shit on your own, right? And at this point, we each have a kid to show for it, so that’s something. Most of the other infertiles I’ve met in person were women whom I knew first through their blogs. It’s kind of interesting to see how a) the topic sort of organically came up in conversation, and b) we were each comfortable enough to share our stories, bit by bit, as opposed to that being the first thing we knew about each other.
  • She and her husband recently found out they’re expecting their second child via surrogacy. I’m so thrilled for them. I’m trying to be 100% happy and not at all envious (but it’s more like 95-5). Their first ultrasound is next Friday, so send some good, strong heartbeat vibes this way for her.

What makes your heart sing?

8 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts Thursday: Heart Songs

  1. We’ve been having some rough times as well, but these things make me so happy to hear! One thing that makes my heart sing is our little guy’s giggles when I get him undressed. Most babies fuss and complain as you try to remove them from those difficult-to-remove onesies and whatnot, but he thinks it’s hilarious. 🙂 Hope you get some better sleep soon!

  2. Baby and kid full belly giggles and laughter make my heart sing.
    Sorry your having a rough time right now. I hope it gets better soon. We’ve had a sick little girl lately, plus 3 teeth coming in at once! (I only knew of one tooth.)

  3. Daryl! Hello! I meant to comment on your 21 month post (did I? Doh!). So happy to see blogs from you again. The whisper singing is adorable, but I have to say I get a little irritated when I’ve been laying down with D for an hour and she does that instead of sleeping! Getting D to sleep has been a huge challenge over here as well, but once she’s down she stays down…for the most part!

    • We’ve been having the opposite problem here. Last night Missy went to sleep just after 6:30 without any complaints. Then 45 minutes later she woke up coughing and didn’t go back to sleep for over 4 hours! It was kind of a nightmare. As for the commenting…I’m honestly surprised anyone still reads this blog. I’ve been terrible about posting and reading/commenting on other blogs the last several months. Or I think I’ve commented somewhere only to realize I had been interrupted at some point and never hit send. I keep thinking I’m going to get caught up, but somehow that never happens. I hope D gets back on track soon, and you all get some much needed rest!

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