The Twenty-second Month

In bullet points!

  • First of all, Missy is 22 months old. That’s so close to two. So close, in fact, that when people ask me how old she is, I no longer respond in months, but rather, “almost two,” or “She’ll be two in April.”
  • Overall, I haven’t had any concerns about Missy’s development, but because of what I used to do for a living, I’ve been secretly “assessing” her since she was born, mentally ticking and scoring areas of her developmental milestones. And I’ve been pleased and impressed with her language and coordination. She walked and talked and ran and jumped right on time, and is possibly even ahead of her peers in some areas. But, like her parents, she lacks upper body strength, and if I were testing her for real, I would have to break it to them that she’s not doing so hot in the fine motor area. So I was super happy when, just this month, she started to take a real interest in stacking blocks. She’s still not great at it, but she’ll play with mega blocks (not just scatter them or destroy the towers I build), and for the first (and only) time, she built a tower of five wooden blocks all by herself! The kid still can’t throw a ball, but we’re making progress.
  • Speaking of progress, she’s now an expert dresser, too. She can pretty much get a shirt on with no assistance, and can put pants on except for that last tricky part that involves pulling them up in the back. But she’s super proud of herself and will layer clothes on top of clothes all day long.
  • The day she turned 22 months, I started spotting. I think I might finally be getting my cycle back. It only took 22 months and the dreaded night weaning to accomplish, but it seems my period is imminent.
  • The singing is sooooo cute! She knows more and more words, and she surprises me by busting out the Welsh on occasion. When I sing with her, she’ll fill in the blanks, but my favorite is when I catch her singing lyrics I had no idea she knew: “Hey Jude, make bad…sad song, make it better…”

Favorite things: Mommy and Aba; skyping with aunt Zappa, my dad, Hubby’s uncle and brother; singing!; going to the library; going for walks; coffee with our friends K and E; the sea, especially when it’s scary-rough (from a safe distance, of course); building (and demolishing) with mega blocks

Not-so-favorite things: the two colds she’s had in the last month, staying asleep (we’ve had some really terrible nights lately, but I’m hoping it’s just because of the aforementioned colds)

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