Catching Up

This week, all our regular activities were back on, after a two-week hiatus because of the Easter Holiday. (Primary schools here are on a trimester schedule, and the summer term always starts after Easter. During school holidays, most other community activities, even those for young children, also take a break, which can make for some pretty dull days.) It was nice to get back into our routine and to see some familiar faces again. At our Thursday morning playgroup, I was surprised by how many other moms I not only recognized, but had actually had conversations with in the past. After my last post, it was nice to realize that I am, indeed, making an effort to find my tribe.


One friend I haven’t chatted with in a while is K. She had to return to work last month, and she and her husband have been in the process of selling their house and buying one in town. All while keeping up with their surrogate’s pregnancy with their second child. They should be moving within the next couple of weeks, but for some reason, I’ve been waiting to ask about how pregnancy #2 is going until I can do it in person, which means it’s been over a month since we last talked about it. I was so excited to meet a fellow infertile so quickly after our move here, but now I feel like I’m blowing it. Time to send a “how is baby doing?” text.


I’ve been trying to get caught up with blog reading…but when you’ve been away, or half-there, for as long as I have, it’s not easy to get up to speed with everyone. It doesn’t help that Blogger hates me, and I can’t seem to comment there, either from my phone or iPad. So, until I figure out how to make my presence known, please know that if I haven’t paid your blog a visit yet, I’m on my way there shortly.


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