My Mother’s Recipe #MicroblogMondays

Last Thursday, not realizing the date (or perhaps because, on some level, I did realize), I pulled my mom’s cookbook (a 3-ring binder full of her favorite recipes she titled “Fun in the Kitchen with Mama”–so cheesy!–and gave to each of her children for Christmas 2001) off the shelf in my kitchen. I’ve been getting bored with my usual go-to dinners and was looking for something different, yet familiar. I flipped through page after page of memories: family dinners, special breakfasts, holiday treats. It wasn’t until the next morning, when I saw my mother’s face plastered all over my sister’s Facebook feed, that it hit me.

Six years. Gone.

At first, I beat myself up a little, letting the date slip my memory like that. But then I thought, why hold onto that day so tightly, remembering the worst day, giving it significance above all others? Better to hold her memory always, in the thousand little things she taught me, in how she influences my own mothering daily.

I showed my daughter the photos. “That’s Grammy,” I told her. “Grammy!” she repeated excitedly, and we talked about the other people in the pictures, how young they all looked.

Last night I made my mom’s ravioli soup. Sort of. I had to improvise (something else she taught me) because the small grocery store near our house only had tortellini, but the scent that filled the house and the just-cooked freshness of the zucchini reminded me of my mother in all the very best ways.

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15 thoughts on “My Mother’s Recipe #MicroblogMondays

  1. What a wonderful gift your mother gave you! I completely agree, that focusing on the daily moments is one of the best ways to honor her memory. Sounds silly, but I have a spatula that used to belong to my late grandmother, and every time I hold it, I think of how much fun we had reorganizing her kitchen, a few years before she passed.

    • I don’t think that’s silly at all! I wish I had more things like that from my mom and grandma. It’s funny how a tangible object makes something as ethereal as memory that much more real.

  2. Wow…its been six years since my mum died too. I was pregnant with my first child then, and she would have been their Grammy too. My heart goes out to you x

      • It is so hard isnt it, and so unfair. And yoy keep hitting those milestones with your kids and then get that shudder of sadness that ur mums not there. Good luck x

  3. That’s so sweet and touching! My mom will be gone 5 years in June. It truly sucks that our moms will never know their grandkids here in this world.
    Like you say, I try to remember the good all the time over the one horrible day. I don’t have a book of her recipes, but I do have several that she gave me and I love them! Glad you had some yummy food and memories.

    • Yeah, it’s sort of bittersweet, wanting to remember her but missing her so much. I really wish she could have seen how amazing her granddaughter is!

  4. Love this. You should mark the days that are important to YOU. Meaning, it may be that you need to remember her on the loss date. Or maybe her birthday is more important. Or maybe it’s just any day that you need a bowl of soup. What a great gift she gave you so you have those recipes now.

    • Thanks, Mel. I do remember all of us being very excited about this gift when we got it. Probably the most coveted of her recipes was for her famous cinnamon rolls, which I haven’t even come close to attempting. Christmas is always a time I think of her a lot, and the time of year she always used to make them…so, maybe this year?

  5. Nice post! My sister always has pictures of my parents with corny captions on Facebook on the anniversary of their birthdays and the days they died. Honestly, it’s not for me. Everybody has to deal with those days whichever way works for them. Just my personal beliefs but instead of berating myself for forgetting the day, I’d wonder what… or who… made me pull out that particular recipe book at that particular time…

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah, since the birth of my daughter–just days before this particular anniversary–I haven’t had the luxury of wallowing the whole day. Which is a good thing! I’m sure I knew it was coming up, but I wasn’t thinking about it specifically when I started flipping through the cookbook. I’m not one to plaster things all over Facebook either, so, in hindsight, it seemed like a much more appropriate way for me to remember the that day.

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