That Kid #MicroblogMondays

See that kid? The one who nearly always smells like poo? The one with dark circles under her eyes? The one with greasy hair?

She’s mine.

I’ll be honest: I used to judge those parents who would say, “I can’t make him X, Y, or Z.” I used to comment to my coworkers, “Come on, who’s the parent here?” I used to vow that would never be me.

That was before I had a sensitive and stubborn child of my own. Who is so self-conscious about pooping that she held it in, requiring medical intervention and a laxative that makes holding it impossible, as hard as she still tries. Who fights sleep for up to two hours every. single. night. Who was so traumatized by pooping in the shower that she now refuses to bathe (without an intense struggle, anyway–including many, many tears). 

She’s mine. And as hard and frustrating and exhausting as it is sometimes, I wouldn’t change her for anything.
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17 thoughts on “That Kid #MicroblogMondays

  1. Oh dear. (I hope you don’t mind if I’m laughing a little bit.) Sorry for the challenges. My little girl has been a bit of a pill going to sleep lately. Not nearly two hours on most nights, but definitely longer than what it used to take. I hope it will pass when teething passes. One can always hope. And I’m so glad you have her!

    • I suppose it’s one of those laugh-to-keep-from-crying situations. I hope your sleep woes end soon. For us, it’s the rule, not the exception, unfortunately. As much as I love my daughter, I can’t help hoping that if we get to have a second child, we’ll get lucky with a chill baby!

  2. I’m also struggling now with my son…after 3 years of being a brilliant sleeper,suddenly it’s a battle every night! Hours of constant back and forth. I’m kicking myself for all the judgements I would have before I actually had a kid. I don’t have any suggestions but your not alone and I hope it gets better soon.

    • This is pretty much how she’s always been. As she gets older, she just gets more creative in her attempts to avoid sleep. Like intricate bedtime rituals and demands. I hope in your case it’s just a phase and everyone is sleeping better soon!

  3. Every phase my kids entered I was happy for the end of the phase before and wishing for the end of whatever current phase, willing for the fortitude to get to the other side. Stay strong. It is all temporary.

    • Thanks! The sleep has been an issue pretty much her whole life, but the poop-related stuff is new and, I hope, temporary. I will definitely be glad when she decides to use the toilet and that bathing is cool again!

  4. Oh lady. I’m sorry for the struggles. It’s hard when they resist so much. We want to reason with them but it can be so difficult to do.

    Keep working with her. Even when it feels like it doesn’t make a difference, it is helping her. This too shall pass. And it will be better because she has you.

    • She is so strong-willed! I know it will serve her we’ll one day, but at 2, when the only thing she has to rail against is me, it’s hard. But I know she’ll eventually poop and bathe on a regular basis, and I hope one day she’ll learn to like and value sleep as much as I do!

  5. I know it’s cataloging difficult moments, but something about this post made me smile, too. Mostly because these stages do changes and you look back at them and think, “How did we make it through it?” But you will and then she’ll throw a new challenge your way 🙂

    • Sleep has always been hard (which is why your post yesterday kind of scared the crap out me), but adding the poop stuff on top of that is just…exhausting. Plus I was all on my own with Hubby out of town all last week, so it was really feeling like too much. Thank goodness he’s taken this week off so I don’t have to tackle every diaper change and every attempt at a bath by myself!

  6. Oh lady. This sounds tough. Poor Missy. Being a kid and pooping is stressful. D pooped in the bathtub the other day. She just laughed. It was SO disgusting. But then today she cried for an hour after her nap because she was feeling “so sad,” I couldn’t for the life of me deduce the cause of her sadness. Girl is just a major drama queen sometimes. When she cries like that it’s hard to stay patient when 15 minutes have passed. Oh and when we were at the beach the other day she had a meltdown about her beach toys and I thought it was because she didn’t want to share with the other kid we were with. Nope. Had nothing to do with that I figured out later. She simply heard me wonder out loud if the kid down the beach had her toys because practically everyone there had the same Costco set. She couldn’t explain that beyond “my beach toys, my beach toys,” and all along I just thought she was being a total brat. Sigh. So much to learn about being a parent to a toddler, so much to learn.

    • Yes, and they hear everything! I know this kid is going to be an early speller because I can’t even say things like P-O-O-P or the V word (vacuum) out loud. It’s maddening sometimes. But other times, she’s so darn cute/smart/imaginative I just want to eat her up!

  7. Wow I am sad I am so behind on your blog cause I have one kid like this. She is both sensitive and stubborn. She is traumatized from pooping in the tub. She held in her pee for hours when I tried to potty train her and would only go for her dad. Our high risk team told me to stop potty training her and expect she will be one of those kids who does it on her own in her own time

    • Yeah, we’re not actively potty training and won’t even try until she stops trying to hold in her poop. I’m still trying to figure out the right dose of her medication to allow that to happen. We have a year until she absolutely has to be potty trained to start nursery school next September. I really hope she just decides to do it herself!

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