Knowns and Unknowns #MicroblogMondays

What we know after the consultation at our new fertility clinic here last week:

  • We have the option of doing a “natural” or medicated FET
  • Our new RE has said the decision to wean or continue breastfeeding is up to me
  • Coordinating the transatlantic shipping of frozen embryos is tricky enough; doing it between a newly-established practice (which our previous RE opened this month) and a clinic that’s a 5-hour train ride away really sucks
  • Train service in rural Wales is spotty at best, which means we should expect at least part of all future trips to actually happen by bus, if at all
  • Our next appointment is in September, by which time we’re hoping our embryos will have arrived but have no plan for actually doing the transfer

What we still don’t know:

  • What happened to the blood work results that were supposedly sent from my GP but never arrived
  • When we can expect our cryo-kids to arrive
  • How to coordinate among the old (new) clinic, the new clinic, and the shipping company
  • Whether to push weaning or attempt an FET while continuing to breastfeed my two-year-old, who is nowhere near self-weaning

I left feeling confused and disappointed, partly because we still don’t have a plan, and I’m not even sure who’s responsible for each missing piece of the non-plan. Partly because I was hoping this appointment would kick the ambivalence I’ve been feeling about trying for a second child squarely in the arse. But it didn’t.
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4 thoughts on “Knowns and Unknowns #MicroblogMondays

  1. Sending a hug. That’s a lot left up in the air for the heart to juggle while things straighten out. Hope you get answers soon.

    • Yes, it is. I think it will all work out, but I’m more concerned about how the things we do (or don’t do) in pursuit of another child will affect the little family we already have.

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