Must…click…post. #MicroblogMondays

Four weeks since my last post. I knew it had been a while, but jeez. I’ve been sort of floating in limbo again. In no particular order, the things I’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t:

  • My decision to very gradually wean Missy. If she’s fully weaned by the time we’re ready for our FET, great. If not, the drugs I’ll have to take might do the trick (by decreasing my supply and/or changing the flavor of my milk–there’s no reason to believe they’d actually do her any harm). By then, she’ll be at least two-and-a-half, so I won’t be able to blame myself for cutting our breastfeeding relationship short, whether or not our attempts result in a second child.
  • I may or may not be able to start working in September. All of my references have finally come through, but one of the childcare centers here recently closed, so I might not have anywhere to take Missy while I am (still hypothetically, at this point) working because the remaining options have all filled up.
  • Things have been progressing on the embryo transport front, but we’re still nowhere near getting a shipping date. There’s a long list of criteria our old clinic needs to prove they’ve met before our new clinic will be able to approve the transport, plus we’re still waiting for the money Hubby is transferring from an account in his home country so we can pay for it.
  • I’ve been making efforts to get my body ready to house another human again. I’ve cut way down on my sugar intake and have started doing yoga again. I wish I could say I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels, but I’m still just tired all the time. And my back hurts.
  • The schools are on summer break, which means all of the family/toddler activities we normally do during the week are also taking a break. We’ve been going to the park or the beach, as long as the weather’s nice, but haven’t had a proper play date since the end of the term. I have numbers in my phone I could text, but I don’t. We’ve lived here ten months, but there’s no one I see or talk to on a regular basis (outside of organized groups). I’ve always known it, but I really suck at making friends.

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8 thoughts on “Must…click…post. #MicroblogMondays

  1. I suck at making friends too. It’s sooooo hard. But keep at going to those organized group events when you can! It took me a loooooooong time to connect with a few other moms that way, but now one of them is my very closest friend. She was even at my last two births! So it can happen. With a lot of patience and effort. Hugs to you! Hope everything works out with the embryo transfer and job. xoxo

  2. Girl we are in the same boat re weaning for an FET. I have got the twins down to just one nursing a day (they were still doing 3) and am planning to be done the first of October at the latest. Then Brian and I are going to Vienna for a week! Then FET in January. I am so sad to be done nursing. I love it. They love it. It makes life easier especially to soothe them when traveling. I’m going to be a little extra bitter if I wean them for two FETs that don’t work. So I am trying to remember that I am sort of weaning them for a vacation too! Will you clinic let you nurse during an FET? Mine says I have to be done two months before I start any drugs

    • Yes, I have a lot of the same feelings about weaning for a big what-if. Fortunately, our clinic does not insist on weaning but does warn the extra estrogen from a medicated cycle could decrease supply (and doesn’t recommend an unmedicated FET while bfing because of unpredictable cycles). So I’m taking weaning very slowly–we’re still nursing before and after sleep, so four times a day (although the morning feed can take hours, depending on how early she wakes up and how much longer I’d like to try to sleep). There was one morning she woke up at a decent time and didn’t ask for milk, so I’m hoping that will be the next feed we drop. I’m not too worried, though, if she’s not fully weaned by the time our embryos get here and we’re ready to roll.

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